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살전5:18, 시편136:1

Dae Myung Heo

on 18 November 2012

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Transcript of THANKSGIVING DAY(추수감사절)

THANKS GIVING DAY The original harvest celebration that we now refer to as the first Thanksgiving occurred in the autumn of 1621 to celebrate the colony's first successful year. After the crops were harvested for the year, the Pilgrims in Plymouth, Massachusetts decided to hold a celebration to give thanks for their harvest. Writings from that time say Pilgrim leader William Bradford set a date late in the year. He invited members of a nearby Indian tribe to take part. That Thanksgiving celebration lasted three days 문둥병자의 감사 다윗의 감사 감사가 주는 유익 골로새서 3:15
"그리스도의 평강이 너희 마음을 주장하게 하라 너희는 평강을 위하여 한 몸으로 부르심을 받았나니 너희는 또한 감사하는 자라 되라 하나님께 드리는 최고의 감사는 영혼을 전도하는 것이다.
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