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The Battle of Rhode Island

No description

Steve Nguyen

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of The Battle of Rhode Island

The Battle of Rhode Island
Before the battle... (continued)
- Pigot abandoned Butts Hill
- At the southwest ot Conanicut Island is Port Judith where there were 8 British ships under command by British's Richard Howe
- d'Estaing prepared men for battle at sea
- Storm came in
- Marquis de Lafayette begged but it did not work
- Americans moved back up to the north
The Battle of Rhode Island
- British sent General Friedrich Wilhelm von Lossberg and Major General Francis Smith north
- Two ways: Quaker Hill and Turkey Hill
- On August 29th, Smith came under fire by Henry B Livingston
- British pushed back with resistance
- Smith held position when arrived at John Glover's brigade
- To the west, Lossberg fought against John Laurens's men at Turkey Hill
- Later on, 3 British frigates at bay fired at American lines
- Counterattacked by Nathaniel Greene of the Americans
- More counterattacks occured--- tug of war--- fighting subsided

Before the battle...
- French and Americans sign Treaty of Alliance in 1778
- Vice Admiral Charles Hector, comte d'Estaing crossed Atlantic with 13 ships in route to Delaware Bay
- British left Delaware Bay for New York
- d'Estaing and Washington have difficulty trying to enter New York Bay; they devise a new plan for Newport, RI on Aquidneck Island
- John Sullivan rounded up 10,000 men in Tiverton, RI
- Sir Robert Pigot had around 6,700 men in Newport, RI
- Americans cross over to Butts Hill, between Newport and Tiverton
- French would come from Conanicut Island to the west
Basic Facts
- "Battle on Quaker Hill"
- Ocurred on August 29, 1778
- First Rhode Island Regiment
- First battle with French Alliance

Americans British
- Approximately 10,000 men - Approximately 7,000 men
- Major General: John Sullivan - Major General: Sir Robert

After the battle
- Americans: 30 killed, 138 wounded, and 44 missing
- British: 38 killed, 210 wounded, and 12 missing
- Americans left Aquidneck Island and went north to Tiverton and Bristol
- French returned to the colonies in Boston

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Robert Pigot left and John Sullivan right
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