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Disney's Mulan Jr. Organizational Chart 2017/18

No description

Craig Gibson

on 13 November 2017

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Transcript of Disney's Mulan Jr. Organizational Chart 2017/18

Disney's Mulan Jr. Production Team Organizational Chart and
Responsibilities Stonecrest ES 2017/18

Disney's Mulan Jr. Production Team
Education Week (May 7-11) 2018

Responsible for the dances and "musical staging" (any movement that takes place on stage to music)
Choreographic DVD is provided
Music Director
Responsible for the music in the production: teaching it to the actors and helping them understand and interpret it
Piano Vocal Score is provided
Performance Accompaniment CD is provided
The Assistant Music Director (student) is responsible for starting and stopping the CD player during the performance
Responsible for everything that happens onstage during the show, for the look and "feel" of the production, and for the "artistic vision" behind it.
With help from the music director, choreography team, and design team, the director interprets the script and makes it come alive on stage
Responsible for the financial well-being of the production $$!!
Set Designer
Student Cast
Mentors for our student actors - we lead by example!
They are the liaison between the student actors and the production team
Publicity Manager
Supervises the publicity and promotion for the production
Prepares and distributes press releases and promotional materials (ads, posters)

Box Office Manager
Supervises the creation and selling of tickets to the performances - new online feature?
Almost all of our tickets will be sold to family and friends of the cast
Program Manager
Supervises the creation and printing of the program (playbill) *must follow MTI license rules
Master Carpenter
Responsible for making sure that the sets are built as per the Set Designer's instructions
Costume Designer
(Theatrix Costumes Toronto)
Wardrobe Supervisor
Responsible for the unpacking, fitting, storage, and packing up of costume rentals. Must also coordinate their use during performances and tend to any wardrobe "malfunctions"!
Lighting Designer
Determines how lights will be used to illuminate the stage after studying the script and meeting with the director
Creates a "light plot" which indicates what kind of lighting equipment will be used, where it will be placed, how it will illuminate the stage, and when and how it will be operated
Using Wall Sound & Lighting rental equipment (strobes, disco ball, spot lighting, and additional lighting suspended from gym ceiling)
Uses a master lighting board during performances
Student crew members can help with the spot light, special effects (SFX), and using the master lighting board
(Jenn G.)
Sound Designer
Responsible for amplifying the actor's voices and the music in the show
Using Wall Sound & Lighting rental equipment (11 wireless microphones, 3 dynamic wired sound mics, wired headsets, and sound system)
Using a master sound board during the performances to control sound levels of various microphones and amplifiers
Accompaniment CD is provided
2 student crew members can help with the music and sound board
(Jenn G.)
Responsible for consulting with director, costume designer, make-up/hair stylist, and lighting to determine the kind of make-up and hair style for each performance
Props Master
Acquires or constructs (with the help of Master Carpenter) set props (props part of the set) or hand props (hand-held props for actors)
Assisted by a student crew (Prop Crew) which coordinate their use during performances

Designs the sets after studying the script and meeting with the directors
Sets may include backdrops, setpieces, and onstage sets
Works with Master Carpenter (Jeff Wilson @ WCSS)
Stage Managers
Responsibilities during rehearsals and performances include coordinating the activities of the actors, Prop Crew, and SFX Team
The Stage Managers make sure everything runs smoothly and properly both in rehearsal and onstage
2 are required (stage left and stage right)
Wired headsets help with communication during performances
The Design Team
Approximately 80+ student acting roles (can accomodate extra Hun/Chinese Soldiers!)
Teacher Cast
Nov. 27 - Dec. 8, 2017
3:45 pm - 5:30 pm on our stage!
Callbacks Dec. 11 - 15, 2017
Cast revealed on December 20!
Will need staff to help supervise students auditioning in the holding tank room!
Actor's scripts are provided!
(Shawjack Productions?)
Responsible for the video taping of the show, editing, and final production
A video license has been purchased!
(Craig G., Melissa H., Cynthia G., and Stephanie F.)
Responsible for the fundraising, and acquiring sponsorships to fund our production
Main fundraiser is our Hot Dog Days ($5000/year)
Mulan T-Shirts ($2500) and Little Caesar's Pizza (new!)
Sponsorship has come from local businesses (Sammy's, Darvesh, Dunrobin Meats, etc.)
SFX Crew
A very specialized branch of the design team that is responsible for any of the "special effects" in the production (strobe lighting, confetti cannon, avalanche, fire breathing dragon, etc.) *
West Carleton High School has costume racks that we can borrow!
(Craig G., Jenn G., and Tammy A.)
(Craig G. and Jennifer E.)
(Tammy A.)
(Craig G. and Jenn G.)
(Natalie M.)
(Craig G.)
Katy W.)
(Jennifer E., and Amanda A.)
(Katy W.)
(Cynthia G. and Amanda A.)
(Marcy S. and Kate T.)
(Jeff W. @ WCSS)
(Laurel W.)
(Craig G. and Jenn G.)
(Craig G and Jenn G.)
(Dorothy Z., Paul C., and Stephanie F.)
Media Relations
(Mallory W. and Amanda R.)
Responsible for maintaining the musical website and social media (Twitter) to help facilitate communication with cast, crew, parents, and the production team.
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