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Remember the Titans

No description

Emily Calvert

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Remember the Titans

Emily Calvert Character Archetypes Hero:Gerry Bertier Fits the "hero" stereotype of being young, muscular, and strong
known for being the captain of the football team
endures a journey of personal growth in regards to the segregation of the football team of T.C Williams Mentor:Herman Boone The new head coach of the T.C Williams football team
Forces integration and intermingling between the two races on the football team and begins the hero's journey Shape Changer: Bill Yoast Old head coach replaced by Coach Boone
Does not appear for integration in the beginning
Undermines Boone's authority in coaching
Has the opportunity to get Coach Boone fired and get into the Hall of Fame if he sabotages the win streak
At one point, Coach Boone questions whether or not Coach Yoast is trying to throw the game. The Gatekeeper: The Community Reminds the players that segregation is the status quo and attempts to halt the boy's progress Fool/Trickster: Lewie Lastik Calls himself "white trash"
Appears comical because he does not see the racial lines
breaks out into spontaneous song
Bonds with "Rev" and reveals the hysterical fact that Blue wears leopard print brief-style underwear in camp The Holy Man: Jerry 'Rev' Harris Recites Bible verses
Sings inspirational songs
Shares messages of equality Outcast: Ronnie 'Sunshine' Bass A quarterback from California
Known for his "radical" beliefs in equality for all The Evil the Hero fights is the Prejudice Views and Racial Tension in the Community. Temptress: Emma Hoyt Gerry's girlfriend
Attempts to make Gerry see that integration is wrong The Journey The Call and Refusal to Adventure In the beginning of the movie, Coach Bill Yoast announces that the school board replaced him with an African American coach named Herman Boone. All of the players refuse to play for any other coach and refuse to play on an integrated team. In the following video, one can see that Gerry seeks to take control over the football team and refuses to allow full integration. However, Coach Boone immediately establishes his authority over Gerry and thus becomes Gerry's supernatural aid. Crossing of the First Threshold The potential players cross the first threshold as Coach Boone forces them all to get seated on the bus according to the position they play rather than the color of their skin. The Belly of the Whale The players become trapped in the belly of the whale as they reach a point when integration appears more as a positive instead of a negative occurrence. The low point for Gerry occurs when he discovers his friend Ray is not doing his job and blocking for Rev. The Road of Trials Gerry learns that not everyone is on board for integration.
A demonstration is held outside of T.C WIlliams on the first day of school.
A fight breaks out when Petey is caught by a group of guys talking to a white girl.
It becomes clear that integration is only accepted within the football team.
Gerry is soon faced with the decision to dismiss Ray Budds from the team for refusing to block for Rev.
One instance occurs as the boys are unable to eat at a diner due to the color of their skin.
The players must keep their winning record for Coach Boone to keep his job. Meeting of the Temptress It soon becomes clear that Emma does not believe in Gerry's journey and wants him to return to normalcy. The Ultimate Boon The players ultimately help the town see that integration is an important progression. Towards the end, the players demonstrate acceptance of each other through their chant. Apotheosis In a sense, Gerry "dies" in the car crash because he becomes paralyzed from the waist down and can no longer play on the football team. Gerry claims he is "hurt" and "not dead." The guys must take on Marshall without him. The scene between Gerry and Julius demonstrates the tightly woven brotherhood that seemed impossible in the beginning. Never to Return Gerry and the rest of the Titans never return from their journey. Instead, they progress forward and keep their tightly woven friendships. After their journey, the players refused to return to segregated life.
Even at Gerry's funeral, the Titans remain united. Atonement with the Mother At one point on his journey, Gerry confronts his mother by asking to go "shoot hoops" and allow Julius to come to dinner. His mother will not allow Gerry to hang out with Julius and makes him go to church with her instead. Later, Gerry's mother will come to term with their friendship. Helpers: Titans and Sheryl Yoast All of the Titans embark on a journey seeking racial equality. Gerry acts as their team captain and leader; however, it is up to the men to find harmony. Ray Budds, who never finds harmony, becomes a problem that Gerry must later confront. Symbol Archetypes Red The color red can be seen on the jerseys of the players. Red symbolizes violent passion in the movie. Violent passion lies in Coach Boone's cause and the intense brotherhood that the players will achieve in the end of the movie. Haven vs. Wilderness The "wilderness" appears at school and in the community where racial tensions are high. The players find a "haven" on the football field where everyone is accepted regardless of color. As Coach Boone states, "the best player will play. Color won't matter." Helper: Julius Campbell Ultimately helps Gerry create harmony within the team
Their friendship helps others see that unity can exist. Sheryl shows the players that football is football. Fighting against your own team does not create winners.
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