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John Cabot's Expedition Project

A prezi for your use on John Cabot!

Victoria Da Rosa

on 30 November 2016

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Transcript of John Cabot's Expedition Project

John Cabot's Expedition Project
by Victoria, Colin & Joanna
Who John Cabot Is...
John Cabot is an Italian-born English explorer who thought that he had landed in China but instead landed in modern day Newfoundland and claimed the land he found for England. Although we don't know exactly where and when he was born, studies suggest that he was born in Genoa, Italy around 1450. When he was a young boy, he and his family moved to Venice. When he grew to become a man, he was inspired by Christopher Columbus' discoveries and wanted to explore too. He asked the kings of Portugal and Spain to sponsor his voyage but they both turned Cabot down. Cabot then went to England and got permission from King Henry VII.
A Timeline...
Here's a timeline on John Cabot:
His Voyages...
Voyage #1: Cabot departed from Bristol, England but had to return because of a food shortage.

Voyage #2: Once again, Cabot departed from Bristol, England on a ship called "Matthew" and landed in Newfoundland on June 24, 1497 and claimed the land for England. He returned home safely.

Voyage #3: John Cabot departed from Bristol, England, this time with 5 ships. One ship was ruined after caught in a storm so it docked at Ireland. No one knows what happened to John Cabot. He could have been lost at sea or his ship may have sunk. Recent studies suggest that John may have returned back to England safely. But these possibilities are all theories and no one knows what happened to John Cabot.
John Cabot's Picture...
Here is how John Cabot may have looked like:
Row, Row, Row Your Boat...
Here is the boat "Matthew" in which John Cabot successfully landed in Newfoundland:
Here's A Trailer...
Here's a trailer on John Cabot:
Mini Documentary...
Here's a mini documentary on John Cabot:
Thank You...
Thank you for listening to our presentation! We hope that you are interested enough for you and the court to sponsor John Cabot's next voyage with us, his crew. We also hope that you have learned more about John Cabot. See you when we return from our next trip! Any questions?
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