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No description

Joanne Chua

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of TR2202

Business Opportunities
Strategic Alliances
Reach out to the global audience
IT exhibitions
Showcase and educate the public on the product

First-hand experience sharing
Documentary video
Better insight and learn about its usefulness

Online platforms
Google AdSense
Online retail stores
Marketing specialisation and large user base

Physical Retail
Consumer electronic stores
Glasses retail stores
Google's distributors network with retailers
Applications and bundling
Fee from application developers
Much like Apple’s iTunes
Complimentary: Enhances value of glasses
Product sales and ads
Wearable technology trend
Connect with friends and family
Trendy Early adopters
Mass market
Prescription lenses to match the user's prescription
Two types of products to choose from: integrated or mount
Collaboration with sunglasses company like Ray Ban
Communication with household appliances
Bundling with other products
Music providers
Telephone companies
Household applications
Selling advertisements
Valuable realtime
customer data
Google’s core strength
Decrease the value of the product?
Repair & Maintenance
Lack of a physical store
Business Opportunities
Set up a google store at selective locations.
No place to repair the Google Glass
Selling repairable parts to repair shops
Outsourcing repair to repair shops.
1.) Privacy

2.) Repair and Maintenace
Privacy Issues
Huge amounts of personal data
How will this data be utilized?
user's privacy
third party's privacy

Google Glass Free Zones
disabling parts of information being sent
Google glass is the latest technology by google and it is set to be officially released in 2014.
Google glass will be released in 2014
Google will still rely on advertisement as their main revenue.
Privacy issue is a major concern.
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