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E-Sports; Yes, we're a sport.

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John Abejuela

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of E-Sports; Yes, we're a sport.

Pro E-Sport Gamers
E-Sports are a branch of both gaming, and of professional play.
It's essentially the sport of playing a video game at a competitive level.
Intro; What's an E-Sport, and why should I care?
Putting the [Sport] in E-[Sport]s.
E-Sports is becoming a real driving force in our day in age.
Increasingly popular and profitable by the day.
Why not accept it into our regular lives as a sport?
South Korea has been for years.
What now?
2013 LoL World Championship
Who would watch these nerds?
E-Sports; Yes, we're a sport.
By: John Abejuela
Won Season 3 World Championship with team SKT T1 K, prize pool totaling to $1,000,000
Has been offered over $1,000,000 by Chinese Companies/Teams to join them since becoming a free agent.
Now livestreams LoL from home, making ~$98,000 - $147,000
Other popular streamers such as former pro player TSM TheOddOne make ~$75,000 yearly
Streaming platform, twitch.tv, commonly used to stream games and tournaments, has been bought by Amazon for a deal of $1,000,000,000!
Okay, maybe it is a sport.. But is it worth it?
Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok
But.. It's only a computer game! It can't be a sport!
Although true, it is a computer game, it fulfills the definition of sport.
It also is as profitable and popular as most sports, if not more.
ESPN 2 has featured us, so we're on our way there.











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Works Cited
Why you should care is because I believe that E-Sports should be considered an actual sport, as it fills the definition of a sport, is extremely popular, and extremely profitable as well.
The word "sport" is defined as
"an athletic activity requiring skill or
physical prowess and often of a competitive nature ("Sport").
Both take skill, and both require incredible skill to be even considered for competitive play.
My personal experience is evidence to this.
Out of a sample of ~9,855,432 players, 66% is at below average to average skill.
10% make up above average skill
Those considered for competitive play only make 2.42% of this small sample.
(LoL Summoners, 2013)
2014 NBA Finals
45,000 people in stadium
32,000,000 viewers
8,500,000 peak viewers
15,500,000 viewers
18,000,000 peak viewers
Source: nba.com, na.leagueoflegends.com
In the same vein however, if E-Sports is just a computer game, regular sports are just ball games.
Both take skill, just in different ways.
Take a pro NBA player, and a pro LoL player. Both will more than likely be less than great at the opposing player's sport.
Source: The New York Times
Source: Kotaku, The Fiscal Times
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