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5 do and don't

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aditya sharma

on 15 December 2016

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Transcript of 5 do and don't

How to stay safe?
Things To Do
1) Be careful while using devices owned by others.
2) Use genuine web browser such Google Chrome or Firefox.
3) Make transactions through standard UPI's of banks.
4) Sites with https should be used for transactions.
5) Check lock sign before the url for certifications
6) Make your password a combination of letters,numbers and special characters.
7) Enable two way sign in or two way verification
Things To Avoid/Don't do.
1) Don't share your password,pins and user name with anyone
2) Don't click on any lustrous links sent on e-mails appearing on the web page.
3) Don't believe in any phone calls from the bank asking about your account details.
4) Install reliable and well known antivirus on your computers and mobiles.
5) Update your windows to latest security build.
6) Don't make your password predictable like your name,phone number or your user name.
7) Don't use public or open wifi for transactions.
8) Never share user name or password by e-mail or messages.
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