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No description

Muhammad Abrar

on 27 September 2014

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Transcript of PAKISTAN

Pakistan is a rapidly developing country
One of the Next Eleven
The Colours of Pakistan
History of Pakistan
The Landscapes of Pakistan
Where is Pakistan?
Distance from the U.S. - 7,671 mi
In South-Asia
West of India
Slightly less than twice the size of California
Pakistan today...
My Pakistan
7000 years of human history
327 B.C. - Alexander the Great invades
1526-1858 - The Mughals
The entire nation born in 10 weeks
Had to absord 8 million immigrants in less than 6 months
East Pakistan
Fairy Meadow, Nanga Parbat
Cholistan Desert
A crop field in Punjab
Urdu - The national language
Karachi is the 3rd largest city in the world
4th largest producer of cotton
3% of United States imports regarding clothing and other form of textiles is covered by Pakistan.
Khewra Salt Mine - 2nd largest in the world
Surgical goods manufactured in Pakistan enjoy a good reputation in the international markets
Sialkot - center of the sporting goods industry
The Brazuca - made in Pakistan
Home of the mango!
Pakistani weddings are very colourful
Eid celebrations
14th August
Independence Day
Truck art!
Jacqueline Kennedy!
We love spicy food!
The Rupee
Home sweet home
My family
Eating out
Movies and TV shows
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