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Copy of Is it safe to climb Mt. Everest?

No description

Natasha Bukhantsov

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Is it safe to climb Mt. Everest?

Is it safe to climb Mt. Everest? Atmosphere Energy Weather/Climate Scientific
Method Water Cycle Plate
Tectonics Solar
Radiation The further away from sea level
you are, the pressure of the entire
atmosphere decreases so in effect, there is less oxygen. less air
pressure Bad storms/
Blizzards Wind
Currents Rain and snow
can be a
problem Melting snow Faults Earthquakes Volcanoes 33% of the oxygen that is available at sea level 47 per cent of the energy of radiation from the sun hits the ground radiation from the sun 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen sunburn avalanches
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