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Étude du musée numérique

No description

Elena Villaespesa

on 18 January 2015

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Transcript of Étude du musée numérique

Jasper Johns, 0 through 9, 1961
Étude du musée numérique
Elena Villaespesa

Tate’s audiences will have digital experiences that:
increase their enjoyment and understanding of art
provoke their thoughts and invite them to participate
promote the gallery programme
provide them with easy access to information
entice them to explore deeper content
encourage them to purchase products, join Tate and make donations
present an elegant and functional interface whatever their device
take place on the platforms and websites they use
minimise any obstacles they may encounter

To achieve this, we will take an approach that is:
audience-centred and insight-driven
constantly evaluated and enhanced
well designed and architected
distributed across multiple platforms
open and sharable
sustainable and scalable
centrally governed and devolved across the organisation

Tate Digital Strategy 2013-15: Digital as a dimension of everything
(John Stack, Tate Papers, Spring 2013)
Jean Tinguely

Il était une fois...

Tate Papers
Art & artists

Google Analytics - Tableaux de bord

Tate Modern / The Tanks
Nicholas Serota, Director, Tate:

‘Tate is rooted in showing the collection and working with artists. The Tanks will give us the opportunity to respond to the changing practice of artists, many more of whom are now engaged in installation and performative forms of art than ten or fifteen years ago. It has also become apparent that our audiences seek different forms of participation and engagement. They want dialogue and discussion and the tanks will provide a forum for such exchange.’

The #audience shapes the art by how they interact with, define and digest the work. They cannot be mutually exclusive #theTanks

#thetanks the role of the #audience is give the art a sense of life and realism. Ocassionally it feels so simple but it looks incredible.
Yay got on the wall!! #TheTanks
This is the only way I will ever get my name on a wall of the Tate. (#TheTanks )
Very cool! They project ur live tweets on the wall! #thetanks :D
Loved The Tanks @Tate Modern. Felt like I was part of the art. Loved how it made me feel.
Just visited the Tank at Tate Modern and I don’t think I understand any of the creepy arts yet
#thetanks far too ambiguous and edgy for me! Can’t understand anything – am i ignorant?
Went to #thetanks at Tate Modern, and they were an amazing.The dark enclosed rooms showed the artists use of light and sound to the full!
We are in the tanks at @Tate Modern (pic)
Les outils d'evaluation
Réseau en étoile
Test d’utilisabilité
Mobile apps
Analyse des réseaux sociaux
Les étapes suivantes...
Rapports et communication
Structure de l'organisation
Analyse des données
Études de marché
Plan d'évaluation
Nouvelle activité
Configuration des outils d'analyse
Analyse des experiments
Tableaux de bord
Harold Cohen, Untitled
Google Analytics
Digital principles
(Audience insight and evaluation)
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