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Properties of Numbers

SOL 8.15C

Ashley Marzzarella

on 27 January 2013

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Transcript of Properties of Numbers

Properties of Numbers SOL 8.15C Zero Property of Multiplication Distributive Property THE END! Associative Property of Multiplication Additive Identity Associative Property
of Addition TSWBAT Commutative Property of Multiplication Commutative Property of Addition Objectives Define, recognize, apply, and exemplify the following number properties:
commutative property of addition
commutative property of multiplication
associative property of addition
associative property of multiplication
additive identity
multiplicative identity
zero property of multiplication
distributive property. You can add numbers in any order

Remember: commuting means
moving around You can multiply
numbers in any order When only adding, you can group any numbers together

Remember: Your GROUP of friends is who you ASSOCIATE with When only multiplying, you can group any numbers together Zero is the additive identity.

The sum of any number and zero
is equal to that number The product of any number and zero is equal to zero. When you multiply a number times a sum or difference, you can find the sum or difference first and then multiply OR you can multiply by each number in the sum or difference and then add or subtract. Commutative Property of
Addition Example A + B = B + A Commutative Property of Multiplication Example A*B = B*A Associative Property
of Addition Example A + (B + C) = (A + B) + C Associative Property of
Multiplication Example A*(B*C) = (A*B)*C Additive Identity
Example A + 0 = A Multiplicative Identity One is the multiplicative identity.

The product of any number and one is equal to that number. Multiplicative Identity
Example A*1 = A Zero Property of
Multiplication Example A*0 = 0 Distributive Property Example A*(B + C) = A*B + A*C
A*(B - C) = A*B - A*C
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