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Gender Roles 1940s

No description

Crystal Dykes

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Gender Roles 1940s

Finally After war women were laid off or took lower paying jobs. There were designated jobs for women which were domestic workers, secretaries or clerks. As the men wanted, the women returned to their house-keeping duties. On the other hand, after war men continued their everyday duties that a man was responsible for doing. Gender Roles are . . . Superman vs. Wonder-Woman Gender roles defined by the socio-cultural norms of any society. Gender roles help members of the family with bound responsibilities. Any disturbance in the gender role aspect may affect the smooth functioning of the easy going of any family. The gender role structure was designed by social setups to help people accept and realize the specific duties each gender was bound to do. Women's Roles were . . . - Filled the jobs of men
- Supported families and themselves
- Built anything and everything
- America's " safety net "
- Faced harassment from men
- Nurse Corps
Children's Roles were . . . - Had to grow up quickly
- War affected their play and imagination
- Teenagers left school early to find jobs
- Fend for themselves while their mother's worked
- Moved from the farm to the big city area
Mens Roles were . . . - Teased women
- Tried to return women to their " proper place "
- Female sexuality became an issue to them
- Did not help their wives
- Relied on their wives and kids if they lost their jobs The Lanham Act . . .
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