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Domikado Miki

on 20 December 2014

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Transcript of contoh

the Interview
The Chinese and non-Chinese participants of Zon evaluation learn indeed new facts about China.
In Panwapa, most of the participants were able to show their individual culture, but they did not really learn about other cultures.
Evaluation of
Existing Games

Result &

Evaluation Methods
Interaction and Interface
Learning Culture
Promoting Self-confidence

- can they express themselves?
- does the game help them in raising their confidence?
- can children learn culture from the game
- does the game raise curiosity towards other culture?
- does the game help children to communicate their culture to others?
to explore my ideas and find out how this game affects the target children:
Usability test and observation
Literature Research
Using educational computer game to
teach culture in order to:
- explore more about their identity and
find their sense of belonging
- get to know own and other's culture
- raise confidence
Game Research
- explore their self-identity
- observe the cultures
- communicate with friends
Evaluation Methods
Focus group and informal interview
- how the children feel after experiencing the game
- children's opinion and ideas about the
game and their point of view of learning cultures
- get to know children's personal cultural experience
learning cultures in the world
learning culture of a spesific country
Result and Suggestions
Result and Suggestions
Result and Suggestions
There are indications that both games can increase self-confidence towards own culture.
Using the storytelling method in Panwapa gave children a chance to tell about themselves. They also liked to hear other children's stories.
The Chinese children did not accept the look of Beijing in Zon, but they still feel good if there are more people learn about China and their culture.

Literature Research
Promoting Social Skills through an Educational Computer Game for Children with Cross-Cultural Background
Stella W. Kusumohamijoyo
Research Method
(cc) photo by medhead on Flickr
Evaluation of
Existing Games


Result and Suggestions
Self expression
In both games children got confused of what to do or where to go.

In Zon some children got confused with the game map:
entering the same place again and again.

The Chinese children said, the look of Beijing in the game was not real.
Efficient map and close to reality graphic
Result &


Children got bored with long text and skipped it
Result and Suggestions
Learn specific cultures
Thank you!
Thank you!
Solution: add
Result and Suggestions
Communication with others
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