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Planning in Outdoor Recreation

No description

Rhys Vance

on 14 June 2017

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Transcript of Planning in Outdoor Recreation

This escape route must be uploaded to google classroom
Develop a detailed plan for the outdoor recreation activity of their choice
Equipment Requirements
Participating in outdoor recreational activities. In many cases, adventurers will need to carry their equipment so it is necessary to only take what is needed and to try to use sustainable resources. Individuals need to consider requirements in relation to first aid, toiletries, sleeping and shelter, cooking, eating, drinking, cleaning and navigation equipment
Safety Requirements
Notifying Authorities!!
Specific information one should know when notifying authorities include:
How many people in the group
Where they are going
How experienced they are
Starting and finishing times
Any medical conditions of members in the group that could impact the activity emergency contact details.
You are on a bushwalk during January and you can see smoke rising from the valley....
Planning in Outdoor Recreation
Why Plan?
Planning in outdoor recreation is a vital part of the outdoor experience. Time and care needs to be put into planning to ensure maximum enjoyment and safety for all participants. Planning includes considering equipment requirements, safety requirements and campsite planning and skills.
Maintenance of equipment
Maintenance of equipment needed for outdoor recreation is important for a number of reasons. If equipment is not maintained adequately, it:
can become a safety hazard
can rip, break or tear
can go mouldy.
Food and water requirements
Foods should be lightweight and easy to prepare. Include things like trail mix, dried fruits, pre-made pancake mix, muesli bars, carrot sticks or tinned goods such as tuna, beans and potatoes.
Before leaving for any hike or camping trip, it is essential to check if there will be access to safe drinking water. If not, hikers should bring water purifying tablets. A bottle made from metal such as stainless steel will help to keep the water cold for longer and is ideal for camping.
Alternate Plans and Escape Route
Changes in the weather, sickness and injury are hard to plan for, but the group must be prepared for emergencies or deteriorating conditions.
Every group must have at least one alternate plan or escape route prepared for if things go wrong.
When planning an escape route, use your mapping and navigational skills to plan the easiest and safest route around the problem
Plan Your Escape Route
You are to plan a route back to safety and include a justification as to why you took your group that way.
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