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Michigan by Aspen

No description


on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Michigan by Aspen

*MI has 11,000 lakes
*Forest covers half the state
*The state motto is "if you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you."
*The state song is "Michigan, My Michigan"
*The state bird is the American Robin
*The state football team is the Detroit Lions
*The state abbreviation is MI
*The state fish is the Brook Trout
*The state gem is the Isle Royal greenstone
*The state flower is the Apple Blossom
The capital of Michigan is Lansing. The Governor is Rick Synder. The state's abbreviation is MI. The senators are Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow. The secretary is Ruth Johnson
Fun Place
My fun place is lake Huron. It is the third largest great lake (the largest is lake Michigan). It's length is 206 statute miles. it is the third largest freshwater lake in the world
Michigan is two peninsulas. The upper part of the upper peninsula is mountainous and the lower part is flat, like the lower peninsula. there is no spot in the entire state that is farther from a great lake than 85 miles!
1783- The end of the revolutionary war,Michigan belongs to the U.S.A
1787- Michigan becomes part of the Northwest territory
1837- Michigan becomes the
th state on January
1874- The capital moves from Detroit to Lansing
1931- Congress designates Isle Royale as a national park
1957- Michigan is now 150 years old!

Fun Facts
by Aspen Bolanowski
This is lake Michigan
This is a population map. It shows the population of MI
This is a road map. It shows the highways and roads in MI.
This is a climate map. I'm pretty sure it shows the temperature in MI
This is a counties map. It shows the counties in MI.
This is a geographic map it shows the lakes, mountains, rivers, etc.
Michigan is known for it's cars. Detroit has been the car-making capital of the world for many years. Although they have a lot of competition with Japanese car makers, the car industry continues to make up most of Michigan's economy. Not only does Michigan make many cars, they also have
soil for growing corn, cherries, and apples.
Economic Location
My economic location is Ford Rouge Factory. This factory creates cars. Car manufacturing is one of the main industries in Michigan.
Historic Location
My historic location is Isle Royale. It is a national park. It is 83 years old. it was designated as a national park in 1931.
Geographic Location
My geographic location is lake Huron. It is the largest freshwater lake in the
! The deepest part of the lake is 1,300 feet! The usual underwater visibility is 27 ft., but in some parts lake superior the underwater visibility is 100 feet making it the cleanest of the great lakes!
Political Location
My political location is the capital, Lansing. The population in Lansing is 113,996! There is a zoo there that has over 160 species!
The distance between lake Superior and lake Huron is 450 miles. The distance between the Ford Rouge Factory and Lansing is 99 miles. The distance between Westerly Creek Elementary and Lansing, MI is 1,295 miles! wow!

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