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Food Tech

No description

ramy danial

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of Food Tech

Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Goal Start Thank you for watching Fair trade is a campaign which tries to help people who make things in developing countries. The movement helps people to work in better conditions and helps them get more money for what they make. These things give workers the opportunity to improve their lives and plan for their future, and they help reduce poverty. The movement also tries to keep the environment the same. Fair trade helps people in developing countries sell to people in developed countries. Things that are sold include coffee, cocoa, sugar, tea, bananas, honey, cotton, wine, fresh fruit, chocolate and flowers. If a thing that a worker makes is fair trade, then it can be given a fair trade certificate. This is proof that it follows rules about fairness to workers and the environment. FAIR TRADE Obstacle 3 Mood Board 1 Rhubarb Sloes New Potatoes Damsons Asparagus Elderberries Radish Goseberries Samphires Rocket Spring Onions Apples Water crest Plumbs Morles British spring Veg and Fruit 2013 Food-Tech project Mood Board 2 British Summer Fruit and Veg •broccoli Basil Beans •carrot •cucumber •celery •fennel •courgette •rhubarb Raspberry Onion Vegetarians are people that don't eat any meat or fish. Vegetarians eat foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans and grains. Some vegetarians eat or drink animal products, like milk and eggs. They are called lacto vegetarians. Vegetarian people usually like tofu, felafel and other meat substitutes.

There are many reasons for not eating meat. Some think that it is wrong to kill animals; others think that eating meat is bad for their health or the world. This is because land used for animals can be used to grow food. Some people may become vegetarians because their religion says not to eat animals.

Vegetarians who do not eat milk and eggs are called vegans. Vegans also often will not use animal products like leather, but many vegetarians do use animal products.
Some people who call themselves vegetarians and eat fish or sea food are not vegetarians, because fish and sea creatures are also animals. There are also many people who are not vegetarians, but do not eat too much animal food. Some eat only very little meat. Green Molokhia Supermarkets Obstacle 6 Soya Milk Quorn, smokey ham style Whiptop cream spray Vegan sausages 1L=1.29p soya milk is an amazing alternative milk. It tastes really creamy and looks like milk but the only thing that would give it away is the sweet smell it possesses. Soya milk is just using soya beans which are protein packed instead of milk. 100g=1.60p Qourn is mushrooms in a diffrent form. To make Qourn you form the qourn to look like ham and then the flavoring is added. The main ingrediant in Quorn is mushrooms. Quorn has a fluffy texture that makes it chewy. 300g=1.60p Unlike most vegan foods these sausages use soya protein instead of quorn. This is because its much healthier than quorn and full of protein. As well as this they are much cheaper. The main ingredient is soya but they don't seem very appealing. 200ml=2.40p This is a delicouse vegan dream to have with fruit salads. Normal cream contains milk which means vegans cant eat it, bit this has all changed. It contains vegatable fat corn syrup. It looks delicouse and I would love to try it. Once you have read the text press the right arrow key to move on. Chicken flavoured spagetti aswell as chicken flavour soup Ramy Danial Fennel Strawberry Obstacle 4 Vegitarians Vegi muncher for on weekdays Obstacle 5 Obstacle 6
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