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No description

Melissa Gutierrez

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Adoption

By: Melissa Gutierrez Adoption How is adoption to the public. The Adoption center
conduct all aspects of adoption DNA
testing and release of adoption DNA test results in accordance with strict confidentiality guidelines they always do
this testing when they get a new
kid to there center to knoe how they are doing and in what shape they are in. I liked this picture because it tells you
that you should have a family and adopt a kid and become a family together this is what this picture tells me. I think that every child deserves
to have a loving family to cherish them. Some People like to check and see when they adopt and see of they did everything right and also the check what is there really birthday and get all the true information. The public takes adoption very well because they help out kids that don't have a family and they give them one. Adoption History Of Adoption Adoption started when people left there children behind or they do not want them anymore and also they do not want to care for them. DNA Testing Of Adoption Some DNA testing that they do in adoption are searching for her or his origins, only to find out that her adoption records had been sealed or not. People like to make sure everything is okay before they take the little kid that they adopt How is DNA collected with adoption. Adoption Guidelines Some Adoption guidelines are that they can apply to any form of adoption, whether domestic or international, and specific regulations for each state and /or country that you adopt. Case Topics For Adoption Some topics in adoption talk about why you should adopt a child and also that they need a loving family also a family that would take very good care of the child they adopt Interesting Facts About Adoption Some there is a lot of kids that get adopted and get very happy because they finally have a happy family to be with and have special moments together. The Blue line here shows all Countries in the Us of Kids that get adopted. This other red line shows the adoption rate there. This graph compares both China & The Us. What are new
DNA testing for the future. There is a lot of things
that could be different in the future
a lot of things could happen when
you adopt a kid and things
could change because nothing
ever stays the same. Some people like doing DNA testing when the start to adopt little kids. Websites I Used http://www.adopthelp.com/ http://www.accesshollywood.com/adoption http://dcfs.co.la.ca.us/adoptions/index.html http://www.cakidsconnection.org/ This websites right here are the once that i got my information form google. Melissa Gutierrez
Period 6 Biology
May 24,2013
Mr. Kim Adoption Video
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