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Copy of Innovation - New

No description

stacey veeder

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Innovation - New

inn vation Understanding Innovation !! Thinking differently,
Insight fully Redefining Old Technology
With New applications Gaining more from Less Adding Value to the
Business Business Intelligence is Growing New Product Fusion Growth Value (Exponential energy) Growth Value (Exponential energy) New Service Idea Genesis Innovation Eco-system Objective - Distributor
Mgmt Serendipity Club Business Strategy Measuring Success Objective: Improve Reputation Build Trust Social Networks Objective : - Creation and fusion of Ideas
- Idea implementation Exposure Idea Genesis Collaboration Implementation Tangible benefits
Intangible benefits
Measurement Indices ROI=Restraint On Innovation?? Serendipity Club!! Why Unleashing Innovation required? across the Value chain Unleashing Digital Innovation Our Fusion model Idea Genesis Newness Question? Digital Selling Capabilities are... Why is Unleashing Innovation required? ... Lets look at the trends Responsive Design is leaving room for Experience Design Fast Safe Efficient er r er??? Rapidly Are being
Leveraged as Business
Opportunities Inclusive Innovation
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