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Consuming Meaning

Seminar 3 CCT

Ana-Maria Seicarescu

on 18 October 2010

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Transcript of Consuming Meaning

Semiology Ferdinand de Saussure Signifier Signified Referent Meaning A sound or image The concept The real thing Structuralism Semiotics Products Currency C. S. Pierce sign object interpretant icon index symbol Meaning = moveable Culturally Constituted World Consumer Goods Individual Consumer Advertising System Exchange, Possession, Grooming, Divestement step 1 : borrowing meaning referent system/system of meaning (celebrity system) product - signifier step 2: transfer meaning from product to consumer generate meaning find meaning - where? [context] resemblance
e.g. a photograph correspondence
causal relation
e.g. fresh dog-droppings representation
arbitrary and conventional
e.g. words in various languages "Vodafone blir Telenor "Campaign 2006 La Langue La parole Limited possibilities of combinatorial freedom Solving the puzzle Cultural categories Social status Rites of passage The signified Connotation Myth The signified Reality Sign Culture Basic signification Futher level of signification Denotation James Bond Hero in agencyfilms
and novels Sexism Cold War British intelligence American and Russians Survives explosions Neil bad guys Affairs with beautiful women Surended by material luxery "Hund"
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