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MR. S.

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of mmm

The Spectrum



The Dynasty

The Flyers Were Granted a team. But they needed players for their team. So in 1967 they attended the 1967 NHL Expansion Draft. The Flyers picked second. The frist pick legenday goalie Terry Sawchuk went to the kings. With him off the radar the Flyers Drafted from the Boston Bruins Bernie Parent. They then selected Doug Favell with their second pick. Other Notable picks by the Flyers included Gary Dornhoefer, Ed Van Impe, and Lou Agnotti.
1967-1972 The Early Years and The
building of of the Bullies

The Flyers Were Founded in 1964 by a group of investors from Philadelphia. Led by Chairmen Mr. Ed Snider.
1972- 1973
"The Broad
Street Bullies"



Flyers The
Championship Years

A Team Filled With rich history and a storied. Many great players have come and gone from Bobby Clarke to Claude Giroux.
The Philadelphia Flyers Are a Organization in the NHL.

Since 1944, the NHL had been composed of only 6 teams. The Original 6.
The Philadelphia Investors were determined to bring Hockey to Philadelphia. Philadelphia was not know as a hockey city. A NHL team used to be in the NHL in the early 1930`s, but they only lasted one season. They were called the Philadelphia Quakers. They had 2 AHL Franchise and 1 NAHL franchise, but all 3 folded within 2 seasons.
There were 14 different bids from ownership groups. They were one of six teams to be granted a franchise by the NHL. The other five were California Seals, Los Angeles Kings, Minnesota North Stars, Pittsburgh Penguins, and the St. Louis Blues.
For the Flyers team be granted as a franchise, they needed a rink. They would then build the 17,380 seat arena called the Spectrum. Philadelphia`s first modern sports arena. It would also host the NBA`S Philadelphia 76ers.
The Spectrum was home to the Flyers and The Philadelphia 76ers until 1996. When the new Coresstate Center(Now the known as the Wells Fargo Center) was built. The Spectrum would the house the Flyers AHL affiliate Philadelphia Phantoms from 1996-2009. Until they moved to Glen Falls,NY.
The Spectrum may have hoisted the Flyers, 76ers, and Phantoms. But it also hoisted many notable teams and events. Such as the Kiss, Guns N' Roses, and The Who concerts. Boxing matches such as Joe Frazier vs. Tony Doyle, and Bennie Briscoe vs Eugene Cyclone Hart. And teams such as the Philadelphia Wings of The NLL, Philadelphia Soul of the AFL, and Occasionally the Villanova Wildcats would fill the Spectrum.
In 2008 Comcast-Spectacor announced it would be demolished.Final show at the spectrum was Pearl Jam in October of 2009. The last final event in the Spectrum was on January 16, 2010 when Flyers owner and Comcast-Spectacor chairman threw a private cocktail party. The Spectrum was demolished from November 2010 to May 2011. It is now occupied by a park lot. A Hotel is planned to be built on the former site.
The Flyers also purchased the AHL`S Quebec Aces witch would provide key names early on for the team. The team`s first coach was Keith Allen. In the team`s first season they finished 31-32-11. Even though they were under .500. They got First Place in the new west division witch consisted of all 6 expansion teams. Well the East was Composed of the Original 6 Teams. They would verse the St.Louis Blues in the Semi Finals. They would loose in the series 4-3 . But they did not only get beat up on the score sheet but also by dropping the gloves. Owner Mr.Ed Snider said this will never happen again.
The Flyers would qualify for the Playoffs the next season.Finishing 20-35-21. Being Third in the Division they would verse the Blues again. They got destroyed 4-0 in the series. The Very Next Season The Flyers would not qualify for the playoffs that season.
The teams future would all change at the 1969 NHL Entry Daft. There they got bigger and tougher. They drafted goons Dave Schultz and André Dupont. But the team would make one of the greatest decision in NHL history. They drafted Bobby Clark The franchises best player. All teams past up on him once, at list 8 twice and one three times. The scouts would worry because he had diabetes. In 1971 the Flyers would trade goalie Bernie Parent to the Toronto Maple Leafs. Were he would be mentored under mentor Jacques Plante. There he matured into the Hall of Fame Goalie the Flyers would get back in 1973. They would also trade for sniper Rick MacLeish.In 1972 the Flyers would draft one of the franchises best scorers Bill Barber. On May,24, 1974 The Flyers would trade Larry Wright, Al MacAdam and 1974 1st Rounder (Ron Chipperfield) To the Oakland Seals for Reggie Leach. In 1971 the Flyers would hire Fred Shero as their head coach.

This season was the First season the Flyers really were a contender. Bobby Clarke would finish second in the league in scoring With 104 points. The Flyers would finish 37-30-11. Good enough for second in the division. In the quarter finals they beat the North Stars 4-2. But would loose to the eventual Stanley Cup Champion Montreal Canadians 4-1. Even though defeated, they knew what direction they were heading.
"Win together walk

together forever" The Stanley

Cup Season 1973-1974

The 1973-74 Season would be the best Flyers season in franchise history to date. They would with the best record in the West division 50-16-12. Going into the Playoffs they would verse The Atlanta Flames in the quarter finals and would crush them 4-0. Next up was the New York Rangers. They would barely get past them 4-3. They would verse the Heavily armed Boston Bruins. With the Likes of Bobby Orr and Phil Esposito. Game 6 the words on a chalk board in the locker wrote by Fred Shero would say "Win Together and walk together forever." Would Captivate the Flyers to become the first expansion team to win the Stanley Cup. Gene Hart Says the rest:
The Flyers Would atop the division 51-18-11. again They would again roll threw the Playoffs. They would once again win. The Flyers would win back to back Stanley Cup. They would beat the Buffalo Sabers 4-2.
The End

of an Era

The Flyers would for the third straight year win their division 51-13-16. With hopes of wining three consecutive cups. They would roll through the playoffs But would be swept by Ken Dryden, Guy Lafleur and the Montreal Canadians.
Double Header

As always teams have to separate at some point that is what the Flyers did. From the late 1970`s to the Mid 1980`s the Team slowly broke apart and went their own way. But the Mark they left on the Delaware Valley would be permanent.
The Flyers have yet (Yes, I do say yet) to win another Cup. The Flyers would go to 5 more Cup Finals and loose all 5 times. But the future is bright as Claude Giroux and The Flyers seek their first cup in nearly 40 years.

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