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Networking 101

No description

Karen Albritton

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Networking 101

Networking 101:
From coffee to influence Start with a plan
Figure out who you are
Get involved
Make events count
Smart social media
Get a life
Give rather than get Define your personal brand
Create goals
Make plans
Track results Research opportunities
Identify volunteer opportunities
Staffed vs. Non-staffed organizations?
Leadership opportunities
Visiblity potential
Relationship potential
Map long term volunteer path Seven tips Start with a strategy Getting involved Why network? Relationships Learning Professional development Create partnerships Help people Personal brand? Expertise Who you are for? Accomplishments ` Experience Your network What you stand for Authentic Relevant Research
Get list of attendees
Make a target list
Go early, leave early
Ignore your co-workers
Invite people to go with you Make events count Set smart goals
Create a strategy
Align your social personae with personal brand
Listen first
Learn how to use social media efficiently Social networking Interests Career Friendships Get a life All work makes for a boring personal brand
Personal and professional interests overlap
Great contacts may be right under your nose
Use friends, family, even kids Value relationships over transactions
Cultivate alliances
Share opportunities and advice
Promote your allies Give rather than get Relationship builders, on the other hand, try to help others first. They don't keep score. And they prioritize high-quality relationships over a large number of connections. Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn founder. My name is Forest. Would you like a piece of chocolate?
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