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Choice & Use of User Interfaces

Understanding why use communication, real-time information, commerce & government online services.

KnowItAll Ninja

on 26 April 2017

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Transcript of Choice & Use of User Interfaces

Choice & Use of
User Interfaces

Graphical User Interface
Command Line Interface
Menu Based Interface
Adapted Interface
Designed around graphical icons & images.
We commonly know this as a WIMP interface (Windows, Icons, Menus & Pointers).
Used in most personal computers & mobile devices.
A plain background with a simple text prompt that would allow you to enter in commands to perform actions.
Used in older computers but is still used by expert users, especially for network admin.
Presents the user with a menu with a list of options.
Users navigate through submenus by selecting from the options.
Used in self-service kiosks, like ATMs.
Alters its presentation, layout & options in order to better support the user or the technology it is running on.
Used to adapt to the needs of individuals such as someone with a visual impairment.
Pros & Cons
Easy to use, especially for beginners.
Easy to move data between different
software applications.

Uses a lot of processing power and
main memory to run.
Frustratingly slow for experienced
users to perform certain tasks.
Pros & Cons
Experienced users find it quicker to
complete tasks.
Requires little memory and processing
power in order to run.

Difficult for inexperienced users as you
need to know the commands to use it.
Not intuitive to use. Training will be
needed even for basic operation.
Pros & Cons
A very easy-to-use interface.
Very easily adapted to different users.

Can be very frustrating for users if
there are a lot of different levels of
Options are limited and so you may not
be able to complete your task.
Pros & Cons
Fits the needs of the user very

Can be time consuming to adapt to
an individual users needs.
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