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Intellectual Property Rights

No description

Laksith Liyanage

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Intellectual Property Rights

LAKSITH LIYANAGE (M00433345) Intellectual Property Rights Why I Select This Topic? knowledge means power.
innovations and emerging introductions are encapsulated with special legislation
for what?
to make profits...
to whom?
to the inventor or the creator!
(so IPR is really good in concept!)
BUT behind the curtain IPR works as a violation factor which creates issues in social, ethical, professional, and legal conjectures. To investigate this dual mode of scenarios underpinned with this Intellectual Property Rights concept this topic was selected as the research area for milestone 3. SO... Will Intellectual Property protection legislation exactly cause to experience fair use of information for the society? Does this information usage limitations work as an incremental factor to future knowledge enhancements? If regulations were not implemented how it will impact on professionalism? Problem creates ISSUE has 2 be Analyzed? ISSUE Investigating Lineup >>> Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights (What is?, For what purpose?, Advantages, Disadvantages)

Why IPR should have to be formed?

The impact of IPR towards knowledge distribution and further knowledge enhancements for newer inventions and introductions (Issues Identification)

Issues investigation
ISSUE Ethical Impact (Ethical Theories Will Apply!) Social Impact Legal Impact Professional Impact (if any!) FINALIZED GENERAL IMPACT Acquiring Information!

NEXT STEP Scrutinizing Information THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! BIS3328
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