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Copy of Copy of J.J.’s Pancakes entry into the Mexican market

Can brand image cross the cultural divide?

xi yang

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of J.J.’s Pancakes entry into the Mexican market

J.J.’s Pancakes entry into the Mexican market Business Strategy To achieve: Complications faced in food service market:

Extremely fragmented, a few large food chains.

Vulnerable position. Establishing brand image of American franchise in Mexico

Brand name and customisation of the marketing mix

Understanding demands of the Mexican culture Introduction J.J.’s Pancakes - background J.J.’s company is a part of United Food Services

The first store open in Mexico was in Guandalajara city. Strategy focused on Family-friendly breakfasts as well as all-day dining Wider and healthier range of food Mexico and food service industry and market competition Reason of complication:

Take away or eating out based on cost ground

US economic slow down affects Mexican economy

Rising cost of food and energy Current players are very competitive and offering:

Promotional incentives

Cheaper and affordable price

Health and wellness trends Mexico vs United States:cultural differences USA Mexico
Individualism Collectivism Lower uncertainty avoidance Higher uncertainty avoidance

Higher Hofstede’s Power Distance Index (81) Verbal communication Both: verbal and non-verbal
communication Language: Spanish
(aware of translation problems) Language: English Lower Hofstede’s Power Distance Index (40) Positive family-oriented brand image
Continuous business and brand loyalty
Maintain branding strategies:
Marketing research
Effective communication and innovative campaigns
Culture relevant innovations Branding overseas: creating the right brand image Do not need to change it’s brand logo
Spark Catering, personal level for family example:closed-off play area for children
flagship store (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Jump on over to Mexico Combination of two strength: Ola! Foodservice + J.J.’s pancakes.
Cross cultural boundaries and language differences

Understanding consumer behavior and preferences

Brand image
Effective distribution agreements
Communications Strategy
Use local marketing or medium example: radio, print and public relations
Promote in local stores and create brand awareness Tailoring the retail outlets
Modernised restaurants
Quality of service provided References: Fletcher, R. & Crawford, H. (2011). International Marketing, 5th edition. Pearson Australia, China.
prepared by:
Alissa Shevchenko
Janice Chan Thank you for attention! Question Why is it important to understand and assess the culture when entering a new market in relation to brand image? Building trust in collectivist culture
Consistency in product offering and quality service
Understanding market demand
J.J'.s Pancakes' Good food, good value, good family fun' motto Jump over to Mexico
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