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No description

Olivia Zinn

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of CER

Community, Engagement, and Registration Profile as a destination Goals Increase registrations Boost engagement Decrease complaints about usability Users as curators Profiles as an expression of your sense of humor and taste Support games, rewards, gifts, etc. Improve registration flow Sign-up redirection
(no dead ends) Better calls to action Clarify LOL submission/selection Encouragement and Incentives to fill out profile Consistent registration process and messaging Content Discovery Internet Famous Resolve usability issues
and user requests Feed pagination Pagination stickiness
and navigation fixes Better support for finding friends, suggest a friend Notification and easy identification of homepage lols Consolidated lol info
(favorites, comments, votes) Full size content feeds w/
layout options Galleries/Collections Profile Headers -> Themes Convert Friends model to Followers model Block/defriend user accounts Filtering out undesirable content (NSFW, categories) Image searching improvements Tagging and emoji Public Profile Private vs. public messaging Sharing mechanisms for outside content Sharing mechanisms for outside content Public forum for user interaction Activity stream
(What am I doing?) Full-size content feed Slideshow-style nav Public Stats
(How am I doing?) BADGERS!
(or rather, badges) Cheezburger.com as a portal to content across sites Community Features
User of the Day
Featured Lolz
Staff Picks
Cross-site activity stream Hey, let's go ride bikes... Private Dashboard/Backstage Groups Full-sized friend/following content feed Friends activity and notifications stream Content-related notifications Profile customization controls Content filter controls Preferences Notifications of new stuff in Collections/Groups See more by this user My Top Lolz Birthday reminders Post lol-creation
Claiming a badge Vanity Stats My Lolz Leaderboard Progress bar
MadLibs-style form
Badges What's up first? Customizing your header

Pagination on the user profile

Registration prompts (post lol creation, you made a lol email, etc.)

Splitting public and private (beta) profile areas

Full size content feeds

Full transcript