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Success Criteria :

No description

paulette alcox

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of Success Criteria :

Success Criteria :
A Closer Look

If we know what the curriculum says, why do we use learning goals?
How do I co-create success criteria in my classroom?
Keeping the conversation going...
Success Criteria
What's up with that?
Let's take a closer look...
Why do we use success criteria?
Samples from the Classroom
Clarifying Questions
Do you want to join the conference?
Do you want to join Flip Board?
Share with colleagues
Questions and samples- anytime!
Co-creating Success Criteria
The Good, the Bad and...
Uncover the criteria using good examples and bad examples
Example #1
Example #2
Example #3
Example #4
Tap into the existing knowledge
Uncover the criteria by discussing what they already know or what they have learned at the end of an experience.
Use an existing rubric/ checklist
Students re-phrase the criteria in their own words or ask clarifying questions.
Nitty Gritty Questions
Do my students understand what "criteria" means?
What non-curricular tasks could I use to build that understanding?
When (in a unit) should I co-create success criteria?
Can I use the same success criteria for both grades, if I am teaching a combined grades class?
What if a student has a modified IEP? How does that impact their use of the class success criteria?
What strategies can I use in my classroom to unpack the exemplars?
Using co-created work as the exemplars
Using mentor texts as the exemplars
Using anonymous student work as the exemplars
Using authentic examples as the exemplars
Using modeled teacher work as the exemplar
Why does it work?
Why does it work?
Why does it work?
Why does it work?
How do we encourage our students to "own" or reflect on the exemplars so they are more likely to transfer the characteristics to their own work?
Think alouds
Venn Diagrams
Thumbs up/down and justify
Sort/ rank and justify
Ranking Ladder
Value Line
Students need to "own" the success criteria
Teachers need to limit the criteria.
The criteria list can be used to judge the quality across similar tasks. You can use the same list for different assignments.
Includes enough language to explain the characteristic or quality for judgement
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