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Cynthia DeFelice...the amazing story writer!

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carley weiler

on 13 May 2011

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Transcript of Cynthia DeFelice...the amazing story writer!

Cynthia DeFelice ----------------------------------- Prezi done by:
Carley Weiler Hope you
enjoy!!!! Cynthia DeFelice has three siblings
and two parents. Her mother Ann, was an english teacher. Ann stoped teaching when she started to raise Cynthia and her three siblings.

Cynthia's mother read to her and her siblings almost every night. Cynthia DeFelice is a thrilling
story writer for kids. When Cynthia was working as a
librarian, she read aloud to children
in elementary school. She loved when she read aloud and saw the kids as quiet as a mouse
with their mouths hung open. It wasn't until then when Cynthia wanted to become a writer and make kids look that fascinated while reading one of her books. Cynthia's occupation is an author. She used to have a job as a librarian. " My mom is the one who made
me love books and stories, and is,
I'm sure, the reason I am a writer." Cynthia DeFelice was born in
1951, in Philadelphia.

Cynthia went to
William Smith College.
( It was in New York) MAJOR ACHIEVEMENTS:
Started out as a librarian and became an auther. Since Cynthia has been an auther she has written
17 novels and 12 picture books in just 21 years! 1. When Cynthia was a little
girl and people
asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, she only said, " HAPPY." 2. When Cynthia DeFelice was a kid,
they all had some sort of nickname.
Hers was DeDe. When she got married,
she took her husbands last name. So then,
she would be DeDe DeFelice. She thought
her name had too many d's so she changed
it to her real birth name, Cynthia DeFelice. FUN FACTS!!!! " I enjoy the thrill of creating a character
out of thin air, and of feeling that
character come to life beneath my fingers
on the computer keyboard." Cynthia DeFelice was born in-1951 Time line of Cynthia DeFelice ------------------------------- Got married to Ralph DeFelice in-1974 Started using her real name, Cynthia in-1974 Became a librarian in-1980 Wrote her first book in-1987 Her first award she got was for Best Children's book of the year in-1989 A well-known book by Cynthia DeFelice is Weasel, published in-1993 The Missing Manatee was published in-2005 The Ghost of Fossil Glen, one of my favorites by
Cynthia DeFelice was published in-2010 Since Cynthia DeFelice was an auther, she has written 17 novels and 12 picture books in 21 years! -2011 I hope you enjoyed it! I got most of my information from
<www.CynthiaDeFelice.com> ANY QUESTIONS????
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