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Welcome to the Shadowhunters' world.

No description

elena rosales

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Welcome to the Shadowhunters' world.

Welcome to the Shadowhunters' world.
The author
Judith Rumelt (born July 27, 1973 in Tehran, Iran), better known by her pen name Cassandra Clare, is an American author of young adult fiction, most known for her bestselling series The Mortal Instruments.
Fifteen-year-old Clary Fray goes to the Pandemonium Club with her best friend, Simon Lewis. Inside, she notices a group of strangely behaving, but incredibly attractive teens sneaking into a storeroom. She follows and witnesses them killing someone, though no one else in the club seems aware.
Since that night, her fate binds these three Shadowhunters, warriors dedicated to free the world of demons and, specially, to Jace, a guy that looks like an angel and tends to act like an idiot
The Mortal Instruments are the three divine items given by the Angel Raziel to Jonathan Shadowhunter, the first Shadowhunter. They consist of the Mortal Cup, the Mortal Sword, and the Mortal Mirror.
The Mortal Cup
It is also known as the Angel's Cup.
Apparently, the Cup mostly works on children. An adult would either be unaffected by the process entirely or killed outright. Also, only selected humans are chosen to be turned into Nephilim since most never survive the transition.
The Mortal Sword
The Mortal Mirror
Also known as the Mortal Glass, is in fact Lake Lyn in Idris. Among the Fair Folk, the lake is known as the Lake, or Mirror, of Dreams.
Ingesting the lake's waters can be poisonous to Nephilim, but have no effect for Downworlders. Faeries drink from the lake, saying that it gives them true vision, while the water causes hallucinations for the Nephilim, driving them to madness.
Also known as the Soul-Sword or Maellartach, is the second of the Mortal Instruments, and it is an important artifact among Shadowhunters.
The meaning of Colours
Black for hunting through the night
For death and mourning, the color’s white.
Gold for a bride in her wedding gown,
And red to call enchantment down.
White silk when our bodies burn,
Blue banners when the lost return.
Flame for the birth of a Nephilim,
And to wash away our sins.
Gray for knowledge best untold,
Bone for those who don't grow old.
Saffron lights the victory march,
Green will mend our broken hearts.
Silver for the demon towers,
And bronze to summon wicked powers.
Jonathan Christopher Wayland Morgenstern Lightwood Herondale...
With a natural blonde hair, Jace is the best shadowhunter ofhis generation.
He is a quiet, narcissist and proud of himself guy who loves being a child of Raziel. Valentine murdered his father when he was 10 and now he lives in the New York Institute with the Lightwood family.
Simon Lewis
Simon is a 15 years old mundane who lives in a glamorous neighborhood in Brooklyn. He leads a normal live: He plays the drums in a band who changes its name every day, he goes to school and he loves his best friend, Clary.
But everything will change when they go to Pandemonium.
Izzy Lightwood
Isabelle Sophia Lightwood, is a descendant of an ancient dynasty of Shadowhunters. She is a pure heart warrior who shine like the golden whip she use to kill demons. Izzy is intelligent, dangerous and attractive, but she doesn't like at all clary
Alec Lightwood
Alexander Gideon Lightwood, is an atypical, black-haired nephilim who prefers to read about demons than fight against them.
Magnus Bane
He's the great warlock of Brooklyn (and the king of the glitter). He is 800 years old, is bisexual and he lives in a loft in Williamsburg. He loves to celebrate parties for the Downworld and he's got a cute cat named Chairman Miau
Other Characters
The Mortal Instruments characters
Clary Fray
Clarissa Adele Morgenstern Fairchild, is a 15 years old girl. She is red-haired and her eyes are green, not very high, she is an artist, as her mother, and she is otaku, as her best friend Simon.
Jocelyn "Fray" Fairchild
Valentine Morgenstern
Lucian "Luke Garroway" Graymark
Hodge Starkweather
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