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Divergent vs. Insurgent

No description

Sierra Falk

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Divergent vs. Insurgent

Divergent vs. Insurgent Sierra Falk Character Development Insurgent Summary Themes Dystopia Tobias (Four) Summary Dystopia Themes Divergent Divergent is a dystopian novel based in the city of Chicago. The city is essentially isolated from the rest of the nation and is classified in different “factions,” or groups based on personality. When a citizen turns 16, they are forced to take an aptitude test to determine which faction their personality resembles. The different factions each have their own dress code and set of rules that obey their values. The first faction is Abnegation, which wears gray and values selflessness. The second faction is Amity, which wears yellow and red and values friendship. The third faction is Dauntless, which wears black and values bravery which turns into recklessness. The fourth faction is Erudite, which wears blue and values intelligence. The last faction is Candor, which wears black and white and they value honesty. When a citizen takes an aptitude test, it is constructed to only determine one result. Those who take an aptitude test and receive more than one result are classified as “Divergent.” When our main character is given this result, she is told to keep this information top secret because it could be used against her in a fatal manner. A theme that especially stands out in this novel is The Right to be an Individual. This theme is shown by those classified as "Divergent." People who are Divergent cannot be classified into any one faction because they are so unique in this society. The book focuses on how Tris finds out who she really is and realizes that she should not be punished for being her true self. A dystopian novel is classified by its "end of the world" plot. This novel is a perfect fit because of its society at rock bottom. The city is isolated into different groups where they are not even allowed to associate with one another, giving their world a sense of darkness. FIN The second novel essentially focuses on life after the war and the struggle to thrive in Chicago, which is now even more destructed. After the death of her parents, Tris strives to prolong the lives of her parents through her own selfless actions. Tris's selflessness eventually begins to become recklessness and even shows a bit of self-hatred. A large theme in this novel is that you must love yourself before you can learn to love others. Tris is a prime example of this because she holds herself accountable for her parents' deaths. She feels as though she is not worthy of her own life, so she puts herself at stake to save others. What she fails to realize is that those who she is TRYING to save would be much more content with Tris living a happy life. Insurgent is more of a Dystopian novel than the first book because it mainly involves warfare. The entire city is struggling with precautions of who they can actually trust. Their own factions in which they were supposed to spend the entirety of their lives have all turned against them. And now those who are classified as Divergent are being hunted by the Erudite. This novel features a variety of murders and brutal bloodshed. Tris In Divergent, Tris is a daring and caring individual. She's not afraid to speak her mind or act upon her thoughts, especially if it is for the well-being of others. However, in Insurgent, Tris goes overboard with this demeanor. She begins to put her life at stake, which turns heroism into cheating death. Throughout both novels, Four continues to change on the outside. However, he remains the same, brave and courageous character that we saw in the first novel. Though Tris was affected by the war, Tobias realizes that it is wise to keep moving forward rather than to dwell on the tragic past. Caleb Caleb is seen as the caring and considerate brother of Tris in the first book. He is constantly looking out for her to make sure she follows the virtues of Abnegation. This is why the reader is shocked to find that Caleb is the root of the Erudite's evil. Did you see this coming? Because I sure didn't! Chapter 33 pg 1-487 chapter 5 pgs. 1-525 pgs: 319, chapter 27, pg. 310 pg 357, 366, 367, Chapter 36, pg 386-387 pg 442 in Divergent to Chapter 28 in Insurgent pgs 3, 4, 5 of Divergent and pg 357 pg 433 in Divergent pg 338 in Insurgent
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