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The Odyssey: Books 21-23

Material for teaching a class on books 21-23 from the Odyssey. This would include a Do Now, a brief description of characters, a summary, and more.


on 5 October 2015

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Transcript of The Odyssey: Books 21-23

Soon, he's given the news that Penelope is having a contest to see who should be her new groom! Odysseus, still disguised, decides to compete. In order to win, the groom-to-be must string Odysseus' bow and shoot an arrow through a line of twelve axes.
What happens next?
Main Characters of
Odysseus- The Hero of the Odyssey, a proud and persistent man who is favored by Athena and struggles to find his way back to his home, Ithaca.

Penelope- Faithful wife of Odysseus, mother of Telemachus, who is clever and excitable.

Telemachus- Son of Odysseus, good-hearted and courageous. He is often aided by Athena.

Athena- Goddess of wisdom and battle, a helper for Odysseus in battle.
Eurymachus, a manipulative suitor,
gives the bow a try. He fails to string it, and feels inferior to the great Odysseus. Another suitor, Antinous, suggests they try again the next day-- after having sacrificed Apollo, the archer god.

Odysseus, disguised as a beggar, decides to give it a try. Antinous mocks him, claiming he will simply make a fool of himself. Telemachus interferes and gives Odysseus a chance. With ease, Odysseus strings the bow and shoots an arrow through the line of twelve axes on the first try.
Odysseus shoots an arrow through Antinous' throat. The suitors think this was an accident, but as Odysseus reveals himself, they become terrified. Eurymachus tries to calm Odysseus down, but Odysseus announces he will not let any of them live. Eurymachus actually dies by Telemachus' spear.

The suitors try to escape, but Eumaeus and Philoetius, two loyal workers of Odysseus', lock the door before they are able to. Telemachus helps them in battle by getting them weapons, and the blood bath begins. Athena arrives disguised as a mentor, eventually ending the battle swiftly.
The Odyssey: Books 21-23
The Test of The Bow
The Trunk of The Olive Tree
What characters have you met
so far?
The Test of The Arrow
and The Olive Tree
Happily Ever After?
Odysseus is not immediately embraced by his wife. Having so many eager suitors, she feels this might be a trick. She decides to give him a test.
One evening, Penelope orders her loyal
servant, Eurycleia, to move her bed. Odysseus, having built the bed, objects to so because the bed is built into an olive tree and is, therefore, unmovable. Trusting that only her husband would know so, Penelope accepts Odysseus in her arms as her husband indeed.

And so, Odysseus is once again reunited with his wife and son.
IB Learner Profile Application
The IB Learner Profile quality that can be applied to this story is Risk Taker. By challenging the suitors and taking them up in battle, Odysseus takes a great risk. After proving himself the great man that should be with Penelope, he decides to risk his life in order to eliminate his competition.
How does this apply to us?
of The Odyssey is timeless. Everyday, we are
constantly proving ourselves to others--
whether we realize it or not.

But... What is this lesson?
The challenge exemplified in books 21-23
Challenge #1
In groups, discuss:
What are specific examples of moments in which we have to prove ourselves in modern time?

You will soon be asked to share these with the class.
When you are faced with a situation in which you have to prove yourself to someone, always remember:
Stay true to who you are and be yourself.

Don't let failure bring you down, you will only get stronger when you fall. Get up and try again!

Try your hardest and strive to show your best self.
Odysseus is disguised as a beggar and is welcomed to the palace by Penelope, who offers him a place to stay. While his loyal servant Eurycleia is washing his feet, she notices a scar on his foot that Odysseus had received in a hunting accident. She recognizes him and is delighted, but he makes her promise not to tell Penelope and she agrees.
In the same groups, discuss-
What should you do when you are trying to prove yourself?
How does it make you feel?
The Odyssey: Books 21-23
The Test of The Bow
The Trunk of The Olive Tree
Today's Plan
All about Books 21&22
And much more!
after 20 large years odysseus finally arived in ithica,

father! youve finally arrived, cryed telemachus, odysseuss sun.
DOL Corrections
fter 20

dysseus finally ar
ived in

finally arrived", cr


In life, we're constantly proving ourselves.
Other IB Learner Profiles
When Peter Pan's friends see soil, they Neverland.


Why can't a bycicle stand?
Because it's two-tired!
*Penelope is not actually present for the event
Time For A Challenge!
Are you good enough for Penelope?
Let's find out!
Any guy willing to participate in a word search competition, raise your hand.
Make a list. Whoever has the most gets a candy bar!
Here's a recap on what we've got so far. In the story, the suitors can't even string Odysseus' bow!
A recap of what you've just heard...
By yourselves, or in a group, decide the possible IB Learner Profile Qualities, besides Risk Takers, that could apply to Books 21-23.

IB Traits:
inquirers reflective
knowledgeable thinkers
communicators principled
open-minded caring

Winner(s) gets candy!
We tried to film a video for this project, but the audio did not turn up well due to problems with the wind. We were, however, able to edit some clips for your amusement.
Challenge #2:
Full transcript