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Insane Asylums: 1930's

No description

Shannon Swinson

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Insane Asylums: 1930's

Insane Asylums: 1930's
Earliest known mental hospital: 1247 in Middle East (Bedlam)
Bethlem Royal Hospital
Built in 1357
Allowed the public to pay to watch patients and poke them.
1913: Kansas passed a law that allowed castration of insane and mentally disabled prisoners
Patients forced to take extremely cold and hot baths
Sometimes wrapped in cold or warm wet cloths
Treatments Given to Patients:
In 1247, the mental hospital Bedlam, shackled and treated as a sideshow for public.
Seizures induced by a variety of treatment
Believed to "cure" the patient of illness.
Background info:
Dorothea Dix- led the establishment of more humane mental asylums.
Asylums became state-run
Isolated patients from family and mistreated/abused patients
Patients submerged in water tanks; electrical shocks administered
Electric shocks administered directly to the the temples through electrodes.
Lobotomies: "Scraping of the brain"
Administered to patients with severe mental disorders.
Tool that resembled an ice pick
Inserted through nasal passages or the eyes.
"ice pick" scratched the frontal lobe, or the "origin" for the mental disease.
Either Kills or leaves Patient in a state of immobility.
Housing Conditions
Patients stacked in bunks in cramped living spaces.
Sometimes put in rooms without furniture or bathroom facilities and without any clothing.
Popular Asylums in the 1930's
The Ridge, in Athens, Ohio
Danvers State Lunatic Asylum- Danvers, Massachusetts
ByBerry Mental Hospital- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Waverly Hills Sanatorium- Kentucky
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Patients foamed at the mouth because of rabies contracted from rats.
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