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Hannah Osborne

No description

maryann carroll

on 9 June 2016

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Transcript of Hannah Osborne

How Stars Were Formed
Stars begin as clouds of cold gas that transforms into blazing hot fireballs.
Characteristics of Stars
Most stars are made of gas and plasma (a hot gas-like substance)
Why are stars Important
Stars add heavy elements into space such as carbon, oxygen and iron. Soon enough heavy elements were scattered through space so the sun, planets, and all living creatures on Earth could come to be.
Stars- Hannah Osborne
Why are there stars in Space?
Hannah Osborne
Our galaxy is filled with dust and gas which is needed to make new stars
There are some things that effect the formation of stars. Like the sun forming clouds and the Milky Ways spiral structure
The Galaxys magnetic field combined with gas cloud ions causes the the clumps rotation to slow. If it were to stop we wouldn't have stars
5 main characteristics: Brightness,Color,Surface Temperature,Size and Mass
When a stars temperature changes its color changes. When a star is really hot it is a white-blue color when it is cooler it is red.
Stars are grouped in galaxies
Stars go through a life cycle: they are born, pass through stages and eventually die.
Star Diagram
Stars are categorized into supergiants, Giants, Medium, and White Dwarfs
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