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Socioeconomic differences in climbing the Social Ladder

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David Tran

on 23 March 2015

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Transcript of Socioeconomic differences in climbing the Social Ladder

Boys and Girls Club of America
Passport to Manhood
Healthy Habits: A Triple Play Program
Social Issue
Socioeconomic Heirarchy
Interpersonal Communication
Level with these students in order to be able to effectively communicate with them
Pathos rhetorical language is going to be the most effective in being able to reach them at an emotional level.
In terms of the of sports and physical activity this is highly involved in communication with the rest of the team. Coordination is required to work well as a team and being a role model this will improve their communication with other people.
Socioeconomic differences in climbing the Social Ladder
For the families that fall towards the low part of the socioeconomic spectrum.
There will be a lack of resources
Chronic Stress
IQ relation and School Achievement from the parents (support)
Parental distress leads to Children's emotional distress
Poor health leads to emotional distress
Lack of support in family leads to different outlets, which are not always positive
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