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Dream Big, Achieve More

Purposeful Acts of Leadership Challenge

sara mckean

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of Dream Big, Achieve More

-Encourage students to Dream Big and set goals to help them achieve these dreams.
-Develop enthusiasm towards taking opportunities
-Help generate self confidence
-Generate School Spirit

What I've Learnt About Leadership
-You don't always need to lead from the front
-Having a great team of people to help you out is important
-Delegation is the key to successfully achieving a project.
-Not everything always goes to plan
-Leadership is not just about the the end product. Its about the journey and how you lead a group of people.
Whats Next?
-Finish Banner in Term 4 and have it put up in the school
-Start Dream Big Achieve more competition
Dream Big Achieve More Competition
We are going to run a house competition where students will sumit photos of themselves doing something they love and will share there dreams and goals and the steps they are going to take to achieve them.
It will be worth house point and we want to have lots of spot prizes!
Who was involved?
-Head Girls
-Senior Leader Teachers
-Student Council- supported the project by giving us money to buy supplies
-Design Committee
-House Captains
Sara McKean - Purposeful Acts of Leadership
Dream Big, Achieve more
My Personal Insights:
What We've Achieved So Far
Motivational Speaker Cam Calkoen came and spoke at our Whole School Assembly.

Fundraised $1000 for Cam's Mentoring Charity

Started Dream Big Achieve More Banner

-I've discovered that i have a tendency to want to do things myself to make sure they get done. But after delegating roles to others i found it a lot easier and was able to be a better leader.

-When i put the idea out there I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were lots of people wanting to get involved and help out.
As many people as possible!
The Banner will have every students finger print on it in their house colours with the quote "Dream Big, Achieve More" in the center. This will be put up in the school as a mural for everyone to see
Cams Visit
We got tons of positive feedback from the students about Cams Visit! Everyone felt really inspired by his story
The Beginning of the Banner
Thank you for listening.
Don't Forget to....
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