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Wreck it Ralph

No description

tori newborn

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Wreck it Ralph

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Wreck it Ralph

falling action
is the bad guy in he's game and no one likes him because he is the bad guy soooo
made a deal with someone in he's game that if he can win a metal then he could be treated better and not be treated like the bad guy anymore
decides to go to
Hero's Duty
to win a metal but the game wasn't what he expected it to be. He ended up leaving in a rocket with a si-bug on accident and shot off in to a little girls game named
Sugar Rush

Rising action
thought that the si-bug died in a puddle but it really doesn't. He ends up meeting
and she takes he's metal so she can race in the
sugar rush
helps her make a cart so that she can win back hes metal for him
si-bugs in sugar rush
Then the king of
sugar rush
and tells him that
cant race because she a glitch and if the person playing the game sees her glitching then they will unplug the game
sugar rush
and a glitch cant leave a game so when they unplug a game
will die. so
thinks he does the right thing and breaks
was put in jail because he was found in
sugar rush
again when we was told to leave. Fix it Felix fixed
cart so she could race after he found out that the
sugar rush
king lied. in the middle of the race she is right in the front with the king of
sugar rush
and found out that he isn't who he said he was
king candy
In the end
crosses the finish line and restarts the game and is the true leader of
sugar rush
again. They end up getting rid of all the si-bugs and
goes back to hes game, but he likes hes game now because every time the good people in hes game left him up to throw him of the building he gets to she
in her game
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