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Aladdin by;Lazon Redd

No description

Ryan Parsons

on 23 October 2015

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Transcript of Aladdin by;Lazon Redd

Aladdin by;Lazon Redd
The Cave
The genie
All i need out of the lamp is the the power in it they say there is somthing that can give me power maybe if i get it i can help .
well when we made it out alive and i got the lamp but i did not know what it was so specil about it and the
The boy
this story is about what really hapend.well there is this cave that has what i what in it and for to powrful to go in there well you know what i mean the cave really has what i need .well i could ask someone for help well my men go get help and i mean it!
well me and my men where just sitting there and out of no were to be found the cave was about to close so i need someone asap.And thena sand storm came and out of no where what so ever a boy showed up and i said if you help me i well make you rich but we al know thats not true but the boy belived me anyways.
Well when we made it out
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