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Manhattan Project

No description

Stephanie Yang

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Manhattan Project

Manhattan Project Another bomb? what is it? It's more than that! Independence Day was a lie... IT's really very strong! So how did it get started? Well... The Germans started it. Then Einstein wrote a letter. And FDR said... Let there be bombs! And we weren't the only ones. Britain... Russia, Japan... And Germany? But we weren't in the war yet! And who do we owe this to? Sachs Fermi and Szilard The military Lyman Briggs And then we had help! MAUD 3 main sites Oak Ridge, TN Hanford, WA Los Alamos, NM And the military wasn't doing it alone. Civilians actually headed research until the war. Give a hand to Ernest O. Lawrence! Spring 1945 - assembly begins And it was a hit! President Truman had a dilemma... But the bombs were dropped. August 14, 1945 - Japan surrenders. It ended the war. Or did it? The answer is still debated today. was it worth it? So what happened after that? Some serious stuff... ...And some less serious stuff Nuclear power became part of the imagination.. For better
or for
worse And a major concern for the future.
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