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Copy of Welcome to Open House

No description

Donna Chumley

on 10 August 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Welcome to Open House

Third Grade Dismissal Times:
Bus Riders-2:15
Car Riders-2:20
ASP-2:25 Email:
I do send emails frequently. Please make sure I have the email address that you check often.
My email address: erin.milton@cobbk12.org Attendance: Please have your child at school by 7:50 every morning. Make school a priority! Communication: It is very important for us to communicate with each other about your child. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Emailing me is great because I check it before school and after school each day. Homework will be assigned Monday and through Thursday. I realize that many families have outside activities in addition to work and school. Homework should take between 30-45 minutes. The purpose of homework for our class is to reinforce concepts that we are studying in the classroom while instilling personal responsibility in our students. Math: Please look over your child’s math and read notes that go home about how to solve problems. You will see that your child is completing math differently than the way you may have learned. Notes: All absences must have a note sent to school. Please send a note on the day your child’s transportation will be changed.
Students are required to be sent home the “usual” way unless I have a written note. Open door: There is an open door policy in our classroom. Please sign in at the office whenever you come to our room and wear a visitor’s pass. This is for the safety of both the children and teachers. When visiting please try to avoid disrupting the learning taking place in the classroom. P.T.A.: Please join PTA! Meetings are held monthly in the evening. This is a great way to be involved in your child’s school. Quiet: Your child will be expected to follow Due West rules for being quiet and show their Pioneer Pride. Rotation of Specials: Our specials time is from 9:50-10:40.

Mon Week A: Career Tues: PE
Mon Week B: Science Wed: Music & Art
Mon Week C: Fitness Thurs: PE
Mon Week D: Music Fri: Technology Testing: Third Grade students will be taking the CogAt and ITBS test in September and the CRCT in April. Third grade is a benchmark year for this test. In order to pass third grade, your child must pass the reading portion of the CRCT. The student must read the entire test by himself/herself and answer the questions. I will not be allowed to read any portion of the test. Unexcused absences: Absences will be unexcused if a written explanation is not turned in. Volunteers: Volunteers are always welcome! Please be sure to sign up
for Read & Feed and classroom helpers. Weekly Folders will be sent home on Thursdays. Please review the enclosed papers with your child. After removing the papers, please sign, and return the folder to school the next day. I am eXcited to work with Your child. Please be sure your child gets plenty of zzzzz’s each night. Birthdays: Birthdays will be recognized in class. You are permitted to send in small treats for your child's birthday if you would like. We will enjoy them at snack or lunch time. Please notify me in advance if you will be sending in treats. Field Trips:
~Heritage Park
~Cobb County Watershed Stewardship Program
~Wellstar Internet: Your child will use the internet for extra reading, spelling, and math practice.
www.spellingcity.com www.ixl.com
www.arbookfind.com Jackets: The temperature in our room is often hard to regulate. Please send a light jacket or sweater with your child if they are easily chilled. Keep: Students must be responsible for keeping their things organized. Binder should be brought to and from school everyday. Lunch: Lunch is served daily in the cafeteria and costs $2.15. You may send in money daily, or prepay on a weekly or monthly basis. PLEASE send money in an envelope or plastic baggie with the child’s name and student number on it. We eat lunch at 11:55-12:25. Please feel free to join your child for lunch. Guest lunches are $3.25 School Parties: Cobb County allows only one party per year. At Due West we choose the holiday party before our Winter Break. More information will be forthcoming soon. Grading
– 3+ Exceeds Standards
– 3 Meets Standards
– 2 Progressing Towards Meeting Standards
– 1 Limited Progress or Does Not Meet Standards
Standards Based Report Card:
– a way to communicate the progress each student is making toward accomplishing performance based standards.
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