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The Great Depression

No description

oliver beck

on 19 February 2017

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Transcript of The Great Depression

What was it?
The Great Depression was a American financial crisis that reched it's peak from 1929, until 1933.
Upon the election of FDR, Amercan morale experienced a major boost, and the future of the country finally looked optimistic again
The New Deal
Roosevelts secret to leading the American economy out of the forefront was the installation of hundreds of new government agencies. THe expansion of government did not sit well with many conservative parties, but the creation of a gluttany of new jobs helped America succeed in the long run.
The Aftermath
Post-Depression, America experienced some of the best economic times in history. America has continued to remain largely away from another recession, save for the housing market crisis in 2008
What Caused It?
The Great Depression was principally a product of banks providing loans to patrons that could no longer pay back their debts. The lack of flow in capital meant that the banks were left with collateral that could not be sold, and thus the market continued to snowball into worse and worse states.
Social Repercussions
The life for the average American during the Depression was tolmultuous at best. Unemployment reached 25%, and many families were forced under the same roof, and often had to live from the income of one or two workers.
The Great Depression
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