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No description

Victoria Willett

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of japan

JAPAN Trip to Japan Japan Battle Plan We will be mostly visiting two different cities Kyoto Tokyo City of the past City of the future Temples
Scenic Areas
Former capital
Maintains Traditions of Japan Giant shopping districts
Technologically Advanced
2nd largest city in the world
Overflowing with pop-culture We will be arriving in Hanami The time when the cherry blossoms bloom Day 1! Land at Osaka Airport Airport Kyoto Tokyo Check into Rihga Royal Hotel, Kyoto Facilities Dinning Pool
English-speaking staff Three Japanese Cuisines
Coffee Cafe
France and Chinese Resturants
Japanese and Western-Style Accommodations Visit Kyoto Temples/Shrines Day 2! Yume-koubou Photo Studio 2nd Day in Kyoto This Kyoto Studio dresses you as ether a Geisha or a Maiko (apprentice Geisha), including the makeup, full kimono set, and hair ornaments You receive 20 photos of you, professionally taken, in both glossies and on CD Men can experience the traditional look as well Later you can talk a short walk in your outfit Nijo-jo Castle Maiko Entertainment Gion Cuisine's
Day 3! Sakaya Ryokan Onsen Kyoto The Onsen Tokyo Sakaya Ryokan Five Star
Traditional Style
Free breakfast&dinner
Personal Hostess
English Speaking Staff
Surrounded by Mountain scenery It is also an Onsen Onsen is Japanese for Hot Spring Resort! Six different hot springs, both indoor and outdoor
Sauna facilities
Day Spa
Private Onsen room (with reservation)
Day 4! More Relaxing Hike to a nearby Shinto Shrine Enjoy the Garden Soak up more hot springs Sleep Day 5 To Tokyo! Nakano District Sun Plaza Hotel Crepe Shopps Nakano Mall Day 6! Harajuku Harajuku Laforet Walk the shops Check out the crazy Street Fashion Day 7! Ikebukuro Sunshine City Aquarium Last minute Shopping and sightseeing Fly out from Tokyo airport Cost Flight Round trip: $2,000 Housing: $500 Total: Roughly $3,500 Food Expenses: $100 Admission & Events: $200 Transportation: $100 Shopping: ???
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