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Summer 2014: The Bomgar Experience

No description

Bradley Barnes

on 5 August 2014

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Transcript of Summer 2014: The Bomgar Experience

Three's company
The times that I've had in the office
with these guys has been the most unique and delightful office experience.
Gettin Dunked & Cleanin' up
We raised a lot of money. WOOO HOO!
The storage room is a whole lot more organized
Us Guys
Being homeless
What day is it?!
Just for fun
Jump Client Mass Deployment
Every possible combination of jump client deployment in a single, configurable test case
I Can't Let You Do That, Brad
A test case to strip permissions from a user and verify that the options have been removed.
Licenses: Fully Allocated
(Get it, like a movie title. HAHA.. no one likes my jokes.)
Experiences and Projects
"What'd you even do, anyway?"
Summer 2014: The Bomgar Experience
Multiple Rep Consoles configured as AUTs to allocate licenses and test the License Allocation feature of 15.1
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