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tone and mood

No description

Sarah Gleason

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of tone and mood

Tone & Mood
is the
attitude or feeling about someone or something
Mood = the way the author wants to make the reader feel
We have to infer it...
tone can be positive...
light hearted
and tone can be negative:


Tone isn't stated
directly. The
author isn't going to say...
"I feel positive
about this person
or event."
"I feel negative
about it."

So, how do we
know what an
author's tone is?
mood refers to the attitude or feeling of the reader...
...which is created by the author's tone
by paying close attention to what the author says...and sometimes doesn't say... the way he or she talks about someone or something
...the words they
choose to use...
A cloudless blue sky greeted me as I arrived at the beach. The sun warmed my skin as I turned my face up to smile and sigh. I set up my lounge chair and got out my towel and snacks. I was ready for a day at the beach. The waves lapped quietly at the shore as if saying hello. A family with four children settled in near me. The kids ran laughing and giggling through the sand, creating golden trails behind them. Ahh... Just what I needed—a day at the beach
Let's give it a try...
Not a breeze cooled me nor a cloud protected me as I stepped onto the beach. The sun was scorching just as it had been for weeks. The heat sapped my strength. I set up my lounge chair and got out my towel and snacks just as a family with four kids crammed in right next to me. The kids ran around in the sand, flicking grains of dry, hot sand onto my chair and towel. Grrrr... I had planned this day for weeks! It was my only day off! A groan escaped me as I scrunched down in my chair, wondering if I should leave...
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