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The journey of learning!!By Akhil Patel

No description

Hull Elementary

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of The journey of learning!!By Akhil Patel

The journey of learning!!
By Akhil Patel

Writing is a complex subject also like math.Writing is somthing you cant just find tricks all the time.In writng you will have to remember all the keys but there are some tricks lets me give you some tricks
We all have small hands but big hearts!!!
Math is one of the most complex subjects.People have a hard time in math,but you will not get better with out practice. if you cant get something you should know, don`t move on.Keep practicing that one subject untell you get it.
Here are some examples of stuff to help
Math books
Flash cards
Try to strart studying all your writing skill notes that you have every night or look up somthing new about writing and share it with your freinds.
Computer websites
In reading you have to get your fluency good. When you have good fluency kids intend to not focus on vocab, and when kids dont practice vocab words they will need to learn context clues. Keep practicing both concepts and you will be a better reader.
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