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Copy of The Stormy Seas of Internet Surfing

A prezi on website evaluation for grade ten English students.

Janet MacLeod

on 6 June 2017

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Transcript of Copy of The Stormy Seas of Internet Surfing

Surfing the Stormy Waters
of the Internet.

5 criteria for Evaluating
Accuracy, authority, objectivity,
currency and coverage: if you
find them all, your website could
help your research!
Can you tell who wrote the information?
Do you have a way to contact him or her?
is the publishing institution made clear?
why was this website made?
what credentials are listed
for the author?
what institution published the site?
check the url
what is the purpose or
goal of the page?
how detailed is the
Does the author make his/her
opinion clear?
Question: why was it written
and for whom? BIAS!
when was the information posted?
when was the information last updated?
are there links that no longer work?
do the links support the
theme of the site?
is there a good balance of
text and images?
is the information cited
Can you only see some of
the information? Do you have
to pay a fee for full access?
is the person qualified to
write this information?
is the information balanced?
fair? does it seem one-sided?

Sites meant to PERSUADE
to inform
or entertain you!
It would be good to have a
framework to use when choosing
websites for your research needs!
Does the information on the site seem
accurate? Does it fit with the rest of your
research findings on the topic or does it
make sense?
Internet research can be
overwhelming with so
many sites with so many
different purposes...
Today's Learning Goal:
Students will have a framework for evaluating
websites and a better understanding of bogus ones.

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