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Wesley the owl

No description

Skylar Krepton

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Wesley the owl

Wesley the Owl
by; Stacey O'Brien
Wesley was a rescued barn owl. He is loving, funny, quirky, wise, and unforgettable. Wesley has shown great humor throughout the book.
Wesley had nerve damage in his wing. This made it harder to fly and could not be released back into the wild. As a result, he was "adopted" by Stacey O' Brien.
Minor Characters
Stacey O'Brien: Stacey is the owner of Wesley. She is smart, caring, strong, and brave. Wesley would have not been where he was at without her.
Wendy: Wendy is one of Stacey's best friends. Wendy is caring, loving, and understanding. Stacey would have not have had a nice place to stay with baby Wesley without Wendy.
Stacey's mom: has helped Stacey through tough times. She is sweet, humorous , and understanding. Stacey's mother was even kind enough to feed Wesley when Stacey was gone.
Surprisingly, Wesley also had Liver Cancer. This was a surprise because he lived longer than a normal barn owl and basically acted perfectly fine throughout his whole life until old age struck him
Climax: Wesley is rushed to his vet and dies of Liver cancer.
Exposition: Stacey O'Brien is at Caltech and is asked to take home a 5 day old barn owl
Rising Action: Stacey raises Wesley for his 20 year life, even through the weakest times.
Falling Action; Stacey explains on how she wishes she could have done more for Wesley but would definitely take in another barn owl
Resolution: Stacey thanks everyone for all the hard work, time, and patience it took to accomplish this book
The theme of this book is " Patience is key " and " Run the extra mile for those you love". I think "patience is key" wold be a good theme because there were a lot of times where Stacey had to be very patient with Wesley otherwise he would become very stressed and that can kill a barn owl. Also, Wesley need a lot of things which required patience to receive it because it wasn't all there for them.
" Run the extra mile for those you love " would be another great theme because like I mentioned, everything wasn't always there for Wesley. For example, there was a time where there was a mice population decrease and owls live on mice and mice only. Stacey had to a drive long way from home to get mice from stores. Now, Stacey couldn't get the mice pre-killed. So, she had to come up with ways on her own to kill the mice for her beloved owl. (Wesley could not kill his own prey and that is why she needed to kill the mice.)
I chose "you've got a friend in me" by Randy Newman from Toy Story. This is the song I chose because Stacey and Wesley were best friends, hands down. They would treat each other like family, as if they were both owls or humans. Who would have hundreds of mice in the back of their car?(and one time they even escaped) Who would kill the mice for them to eat? Who would let a live owl fly around your room and sleep next to your bed every night? These two were pals for 20 years. Stacey has told Wesley everything, as Wesley has told Stacey everything. It's just a friend thing! ;)
By: Skylar Krepton
2nd hr

Wesley and Stacey
Object #1
Wesley loved water. Anytime Stacey would brush her teeth and wash her face, he would stick his head under the faucet and wash his face too. Also, one time Stacey was having dinner with her mom. Right before she sat down she thought she owl proofed the bathroom, but she forgot to shut the toilet lid. Then she heard a lot of sounds and turns out Wesley was playing in the toilet. Another time was when Wesley heard Stacey taking a bath and got mad so he dove in the water with her. Turns out he just wanted to take a shower and bath like her.
Object #2
The setting of this book is California. This takes place in present times. California is where Stacey works and lives. She has been all over the coast trying to help Wesley or for jobs that have requested her need.
The second object I chose was feathers. I chose feathers because Stacey would keep some of Wesley's feathers when he began to grow new ones. Soon after figuring out that she was keeping them, he would hold them in his beak and give it to her. Then, Stacey would tickle his beak or face with the feathers.
Stacey had a brain tumor. This made her very ill and it made it harder to take care of Wesley. Stacey knew she couldn't leave Wesley so she gave her all to take care of him when she was in her Dark Place.
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