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Aksan Consulting

No description

Tilbe Cana Inan

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Aksan Consulting

Aksan Consulting Investment Advisory Governance Compliance Liability Management Strategic Communication iag Integrated Advisory Group Aksan Law Firm Litigation, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Law Privatization Law Media Law Bankruptcy Law Aksan Consulting Aksan Law Firm was established in 1984 in Istanbul. Since then, Istanbul office has grown and became one of the biggest law firms in Turkey with 44 lawyers and 15 administrative and supportive personel. Aksan Law Firm has co-operation with law firms in the main cities of Turkey such as Ankara (capital city), Izmir, Adana, Kayseri, Bursa and Antalya, also has co-operation with law firms in other countries like United States, England, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Russia, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. In this context, our law firm offers an active and effective legal service to its domestic and international clients. With Aksan Trademark and Patent Consultancy Inc., an affiliated company, Aksan Law Firm provides effective Intellectual Property protection and enforcement to our clients. Several main departments with specialist attorneys have been formed in the structure of Aksan Law Firm with a view to answer all the varying and improving necessities of Turkey and the World. Aksan Law Firm provides a full range of legal services with its five main departments; Litigation Department, Consultancy Department, International Department, Intellectual Property Department, and Bankruptcy and Enforcement Department, each consisting of smaller groups (Insurance, Labour, Health and Pharmaceuticals , Banking and Finance, Commercial Agreements, Tax Management, Maritime etc.). AKSAN Consulting offers advisory services and tailor-made solutions from A to Z for local and global companies worldwide with its experienced international network. Our organization advises and supports companies seeking to expand into other markets, and assists companies looking to enter foreign markets. Our clients can profit from all the know how and use the network of experienced, professional and result oriented Consultants located in the main economic regions of the world.
Thanks to our effective, creative, and unmatched team of experts, AKSAN has designed and implemented successful strategies for many of the highest-profile corporate transactions of the past decade. Our clients include many companies listed among the Turkish 500, as well as major multi-national corporations seeking both immediate and sustainable results in new markets. Serving more than 400 companies in every major business center around Turkey we, are proud to have earned the trust of some of Turkey's most powerful corporate leaders. As with any organization, businesses require thoughtful but decisive leadership in order to thrive. AKSAN Consulting specializes in facilitating custom-designed governance sessions and conducting complete governance reviews to produce boards that are accountable and govern transparently. We are able to provide sound advice across all levels of organizational control on systems and procedures to ensure good governance, while fulfilling responsibilities to stakeholders. Our recommendations are tailored to suit your company's ethos, highlighting any weak spots and filling in any gaps as we go. As a result, your company will benefit from a robust structure through which your vision and strategies are achieved, and improved confidence from investors and trading partners. Expanding your business abroad can be an exciting process with the potential for great benefits. However , without the right tools and expertise, fulfilling the requirements of an unfamiliar regulatory system can become a serious obstacle. AKSAN consulting posses both the knowledge and experience to ensure your company's transition into the Turkish market it smooth. Our specialists are intimately familiar with the procedures and regulations related to all major sectors, and will work with you to custom design a compliance program to match your company's requirements. In today's business environment, the effective management of cross-enterprise risk is a key factor in planning for any organization's long-term viability. Indeed, enterprise risk management (ERM) has shifted from a "good business" discussion to a "mission critical" means of addressing volatility. Aksan Consulting provides clients with a range of services to help them balance the most critical components of volatility and risk. The group deploys services that address ERM in whole and in part, based upon client need. We deliver a comprehensive ERM solution as well as offer stand-alone services that allow our clients to take a methodical, or compartmentalized, approach to ERM. In practice, we identify, define, and quantify the universe of risks that our clients face, and we provide the policies, processes, and infrastructure required to proactively treat those risks.
When businesses acquire control over partners who are no longer economically viable, they can suddenly find themselves in a market about which they know little.! Rather than simply liquidating potentially long-term valuable assets, AKSAN's expert management consultants can help turn troubled assets into thriving businesses.! Our personnel have handled many acquisition cases, and will thoroughly evaluate and analyze the acquired business from every angle in order to determine whether revitalization is feasible and cost-effective.! From accounting, finance and asset valuation, to market studies and supply/sales agreements, we bring the full weight of our experience and expertise to produce positive results.! We provide post-acquisition transition consulting, helping to integrate the new business into your organizational structure. Advancing your reputation in the political and business realms can be a complex and challenging venture; at Aksan we offer strategic expertise in both fields.! We have learned after years of experience that effective public relations campaigns are as much about ensuring that the actors' various agendas align as connecting people.! We know that success requires pro-actively identifying and promoting the mutual interests of policy makers, businesses, and others, rather than passively reacting to them.! Our analysts are experts at looking beyond the political headlines, distilling useful information about current and future policy from short-term maneuverings.! Armed with this knowledge, our clients are able to anticipate and respond to potential challenges effectively. BANKING
Establishment of administrative and governing authorities
Compliance with banking and financial regulations
Asset and project finance
Structured finance
Competition and Anti-trust cases
Capital markets and security law
Merger, Acquisitions, Division
Joint ventures FOREIGN TRADE
Expert knowledge of Turkish investment incentives
Anti-trust activities related to imports
Expertise on Free Zone regulation and conflict resolution.
Advising on the Law on the Protection of the Value of Turkish Money.
Cutting-edge transactions with nuclear, solar, and fossil fuel source energy deals
Applying to EMRA and other local and governmental organizations for the relevant, licenses, permits, approval
Representing clients in negotiations with foreign investors regarding the joint development projects IP RIGHTS
Prevention of abuse of trade secrets
Consulting on intellectual property rights during mergers and acquisitions of the companies
Preliminary investigation of trademark, patent and industrial design
Consulting on trademark, patent and industrial design license proceedings
Welcome to... A premier firm... serving Turkey and beyond... 44 lawyers 25 years of experience A network spanning the globe Model and manage risk to avoid the pitfalls of international business smoothly transition into a new and unfamiliar regularity environment turn troubled assets into thriving businesses strategically chart the course of business with the right local partner, the sky is the limit expanding governance, expanding horizons Our Services
Working with you to overcome any challenge Reputation
reaching the people that matter We're looking forward to accompanying you on your journey
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