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Technology for Peace

A snapshot of global programming and theories of change combining technology and peacebuilding.

Helena Puig Larrauri

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Technology for Peace

A snapshot of global programming and theories of change that combine technology and peacebuilding Technology for Peacebuilding Technology provides new ways to connect people and build social cohesion. Theories of Change Building peace with tech PeaceTXT builds on the proven success of one-on-one violence prevention programs and is exploring the potential of mobile technology to reach more people in high-risk situations more quickly, stopping violence and creating a more durable peace. Connecting People Soliya is empowering young adults to establish more cooperative & compassionate relations between their societies by combining the power of dialogue with the reach of new media. Knowledge & Innovation The Team "The Team" is a TV drama targeting social cohesion issues of relevance to a community. It has been shot locally in 19 different countries. I'm a City Changer Crowdsourced media about contributions to improving cities with a map interface and linked to broader UN Habitat advocacy campaign.

http://www.imacitychanger.org/imacc/ Change Behaviours ThankBank helps kindness to live on long enough to have a structural effect: we convert a few acts of kindness into a pattern of kindness.

http://www.thankbank.net/ Data Vizualization & Interaction In the long term, they contribute to changing attitudes, changing behaviors and connecting people. Mapping the World's friendships to change attitudes about who is friends with who across conflict divides.

Peace on Facebook: http://peace.facebook.com/

Facebook Stories: http://www.facebookstories.com/stories/1574/interactive-mapping-the-world-s-friendships#color=continent&story=1&country=KR Changing Attitudes Early Warning & Response Technology-enable tools can support peacebuilding programming in many ways.

In the short term, they can support early warning & response. Shoot Your Identity builds on this show by asking the audience to contribute a video explaining what identity means to them. Duolingo Building Bridges Gamified, online and crowdsourced language learning platform, with mobile phone app functionality.
http://duolingo.com Crowdsourced maps of peacebuilding activities in Kenya, challenging the media discourse on conflict. Meta Level: Hub Format Visualization Fitocracy And not... Micro Level: Hub Content Development Hub is more like... Meso Level: Hub Output Integration https://www.fitocracy.com/ Ushahidi Flexible tool for crowdsourced mapping. Integrates other media. Open source and license free. http://www.internationalpeaceandconflict.org/ Crisismappers The International Network of Crisis Mappers is the largest and most active international community of experts, practitioners, policymakers, technologists, researchers, journalists, scholars, hackers and skilled volunteers engaged at the intersection between humanitarian crises, technology, crowd-sourcing, and crisis mapping.

http://crisismappers.net/ Ning Social networking platform
http://www.ning.com/ The Standby Taskforce The Task Force is a volunteer-based network of crisis mappers who represent the first wave in Online Community Emergency Response Teams.

http://standbytaskforce.ning.com/main/ OpenIDEO Collaborative project formulation platform
http://www.openideo.com/ smartvote Spacehive The world's first funding platform for public space projects
http://spacehive.com/ Crowdaoke Peace Factory Highly sophisticated, interactive social media campaign linked to crowdfunding
http://www.israelovesiran.com/ Slavery Footprint Web app that allows you to calculate your contribution to global slavery based on consumption habits.

http://slaveryfootprint.org/ LRA Crisis Tracker Visualized timeline and map of conflict incidents
http://lracrisistracker.theresolve.org/ Crowdaoke 4 Peace is an app designed for use by peacebuilding programs to enhance their work and connectivity with participants. In a nutshell, Crowdaoke is an interface to create online choirs.

http://crowdaoke.com Smartvote is a Swiss voting advice app. At the start of an electoral period, candidates answer a questionnaire, which results in a political profile saved on the site’s database. You can see the results of this profiling on a mapping app.

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