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6.02 Breakfast Specials

No description

Christopher Pane

on 5 August 2014

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Transcript of 6.02 Breakfast Specials

6.02 Breakfast Specials
Christopher Pane
1. Of the three meats, which would be the best nutritional choice? Using the information from the chart, give three reasons to support your answer.
Ham would be the best nutritional choice.
2.Compare the three milks. Give two reasons skim milk would be the best nutritional choice.
It has less calories and less saturated fat
3.Give two reasons 2% milk would be the best nutritional choice.
It has more vitamin A and more vitamin C
7.Using the charts in your notebook from Lesson 04.02 and the Protein Chart from this lesson, analyze each food in the following breakfasts and then choose the healthiest option to be prepared for you today at Club Web. Give at least five reasons to support your choice. If you would like to add a food, be sure to tell why.
I would say that the best choice for me would be the 2% milk, Orange Juice, White Toast, and American cheese. The orange juice will give me my vitamin C for the day. The milk will give me the calcium and protein for the day. The White toast and American Cheese will give me the essential amount of protein and vitamin A I need.
4.Give two reasons whole milk would be the best nutritional choice.
It has less carbs, and more vitamin A
5.Of the four cheeses, which would be the healthiest choice? Why? Be sure to include a nutritional reason for making this choice.
Cottage Cheese would be the healthiest because it has less calories, less fat, and less sodium than the other cheeses
6.Most of the protein found in eggs is in the white, so many people choose only to include egg whites in their diet. Using the information from the nutritional analysis, tell why this is a good practice and why it is not.
It is more nutritional because it has less calories, less fat, and less saturated fat
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