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Canada and the World

No description

Anoop Sharan

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of Canada and the World

Canada and the World
By: Arjunbir & Anoop
Trade and population
Haiti export 876 million dollars
and import 2 billion dollars a
Literacy rate, Birth
Rate, and Life
The Birth Rate in Haiti is 3.21. it has deccreased by 6.17
Wealth and GDP
Canada has more GDP than Haiti.
Canada has 1.827 trillion (USD) and
Haiti's GDP is 8.46 billion (USD).
The population of Haiti is 10.32 million
population and it has
increased 7 million snice 1960.
The life expectancy is 62.70 years.
Some places in Haiti are for tourism
are like Citadelle Laferrière,
Sans-Souci Palace, and many others
A whopping eighty percent of Haiti's population is under poverty
Population and Goverment
The population of Canada in 1960 was 17.91 million and the population of Canada now is 35.16 million. Growth Rate=1.2% annual change
The goverment of Canada is Federal Monarchy, Constituational Monarchy, and Parliamentary
Life Expectancy, Birth Rate, and Literacy Rate
The life expectancy in Canada is 81 years
The Literacy Rate is 99% for both genders.
There are 1.61 births per woman
GDP and Trade
Did You Know?
GDP per captia = 51,958.38 USD)
GDP = 1.827 trillion (USD)
Products exported by Canada=$529B
Products imported by Canada=$524B
Points of Interest
Banff National Park
Canada's Wonderland
Canada's #1 Import and export products are automobiles.
Niagara Falls
Victoria Falls
- Canada is the most educated country in the world and almost half of its population has college degrees
- Canada has more lakes than the entire world's lakes combined
Did you know?
- 20% of the worlds fresh water is in Canada
- Canada was founded on July 1st, 1867
The Literacy Rate in
Haiti is 53%
- The typical worker in Haiti only makes $2.75 (US).
- 10 percent of the kids in Haiti die before 10.
- Haiti has the most orphan kids of any country
- Haiti's language is Haitian Creole
Population and government
The Indian government is known as the Union
government also as the Central government.
Life Expectancy, Birth rate and Literacy rate
The Life Expectancy is 66.21 years old in India
GDP and Trade
Points of Interest
Did you know?
The Birth rate is 2.50 births per woman
The Literacy Rate In India is 82.14% for males and 65.46% for females.
The Population for India in 1960 was 449.6 million people. It is now over 1.252 Billion. The population growth rate is 1.3% annual change.
India's GDP= 1.877 trillion. GDP per capita= 1,498.87 (US). GDP Growth Rate= 5.0% annual change.
India's #1 export is Refined Petroleum
India's #1 import is Crude Petroleum
Golden Temple
Jaipur (Pink City)
Taj Mahal
India Gate
- The capital of India is New Delhi with a population over 18.2 million
- The official languages of India are Punjabi and Hindi
- Their most common imports are from China and Dubai
Citadelle Laferrière
Literacy rate
Birth Rate
Life Expectancy
$ 529 billion
$ 876 Million
$ 464 billion
$ 524 billion
$ 2.69 billion
$ 590 billion
35 million
1.252 billion
10 million
$ 1.877 trillion
$ 1. 827 trillion
8.6 Billion
99 %
53 %
2.50 per women
3.21 per women
1.61 per woman
66.21 years
81 years
62.70 years
M=82.16% F=65.46%
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